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Taipei Times Editorial: National Chi Nan University this week became the first university to obtain approval to offer online counseling sessions. There is no reason the endorsement should not be granted to other institutions — the government can reinstitute the restrictions when the outbreak is over. (June 16)

NCNU held the inaugural reception of its 8th President Dong-sing Wuu (武東星) on Feb. 1, 2021. President Wuu promised to work towards elevating the happiness levels of fellow members and designing “a university of happiness, a university that brings happiness.”

NCNU shone in this year's university social responsibility category, winning gold for “Growing a Greener Shui Sha Lian: Smart Tech x Low Pollution x Circular Economy” and silver for “Coffee as a Career: A Sustainable Industry for Shui Sha Lian” at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. 


Remote counseling services available for NCNU community
As Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center extends nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert to June 28 to combat the recent surge in local COVID-19 cases, National Chi Nan University has successfully applied for a government permit to offer remote counseling and telemental health services during this period of remote learning.
NCNU recruits 75 disadvantaged students through MOE program
To help disadvantaged students join the public education system, 11 Taiwanese universities including National Chi Nan University have signed up for the Ministry of Education's (MOE) newly launched "Visionary (願景計畫)" recruitment program, which encompasses 410 slots in 97 departments and research fields. NCNU's nationwide participation rate of 94% translates into an additional 75 students from disadvantaged backgrounds joining the public educational system.
NCNU exhibition spotlights Nantou's wood-fired pottery
The NCNU Library is delighted to host a special exhibition on one of the iconic masters of a local specialty craft — Nantou's wood-fired pottery (南投燒). Ceramic Arts Association of Nantou (南投縣陶藝學會) Chair Wuu Chia-zhi (巫嘉智) is celebrating his 40th year as an artist by showcasing 40 of his large-scale, hand-sculpted art pieces on campus through June 6. President Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) says that the artist's embracement of sustainability in both his art and on the environmental front stands testament to his creative drive and love for Taiwan.
NCNU periodical wins again at Taiwan's academic impact awards
"Social Policy & Social Work (社會政策與社會工作)" – a research periodical jointly published by National Chi Nan University and the Taiwanese Association of Social Policy (台灣社會政策學會) – has captured the Knowledge Communication Award in the sociology field for two years running at the National Central Library's 2021 Taiwan Academic Impact Awards (台灣學術資源影響力) for theses and dissertations (TDs).

Faculty, Student & Alumni Stories

Vincent K. S. Hsiao (蕭桂森), a professor with NCNU's Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering Department, joined Professor Zhong Lin Wang's Nanoscience Research Group at Georgia Tech last year as a visiting scholar. The resulting paper, "Photo-carrier extraction by triboelectricity for carrier transport layer-free photodetectors," was published by Nano Energy, a science magazine with a CiteScore of 25.6 and an Impact Factor (IF) of 16.602.
Lin Li-chan is Taiwan's first "new resident" legislator  — an immigrant from Cambodia who has since helped shape Taiwan's immigration policies. Since her arrival via marriage over 2 decades ago at the tender age of 20, Lin has lived an extraordinary life learning and expanding at a rapid speed, transforming session after session to become her most confident self. The key elements driving this progress are the empowerment powers of formal education and her sponge-like ability to learn and adapt.
National Chi Nan University's Department of International and Comparative Education (DICE) is a true cradle of global talent and mobility, and accredited scholar Fu Po-wei is proud to call it his academic home. He spent nine years here, after all, progressing from undergraduate to doctoral studies — all in comparative education — and capturing a research grant from the Ministry of Education during the process.  

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