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 The ranking improved significantly, rising from 41st to 31st globally and to fifth in Asia.

in two categories ⁠— industry income and research by 2022 THE World University Rankings

Rooted in Taiwan, Branching out to the World

Taipei Times Editorial: National Chi Nan University this week became the first university to obtain approval to offer online counseling sessions. There is no reason the endorsement should not be granted to other institutions — the government can reinstitute the restrictions when the outbreak is over. (June 16)

NCNU held the inaugural reception of its 8th President Dong-sing Wuu (武東星) on Feb. 1, 2021. President Wuu promised to work towards elevating the happiness levels of fellow members and designing “a university of happiness, a university that brings happiness.”

NCNU shone in this year's university social responsibility category, winning gold for “Growing a Greener Shui Sha Lian: Smart Tech x Low Pollution x Circular Economy” and silver for “Coffee as a Career: A Sustainable Industry for Shui Sha Lian” at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. 


NCNU Pandemic Prevention Measure
Starting from today 5/16 to 5/29, all classes (including experimental, practicum, and hands-on courses) will be switched to remote-only instruction for the rest of the semester (110-2) due to the ongoing pandemic.
Ministry launches plan to attract overseas students - Taipei Times
National Chi Nan University president Wuu Dong-sing (武東星) said that Taiwan is a stepping stone for many overseas Taiwanese and foreign students to study, work and live in Europe and the US.
The policy of learning Mandarin for a year is appealing to students who cannot speak fluent Chinese, but the key to retaining talent is offering higher salaries so that they stay in Taiwan to work after they graduate, he said.
War in Ukraine spurs student interest in national defense
At Taiwan universities, the war in Ukraine has spurred greater interest in national defense. At one Nantou school, the once-unpopular civil defense elective course is now booked to capacity, by both male and female students. Let’s drop in on the class.
Stargazing area in Nantou County’s Cingjing launched
A project to create the nation’s first stargazing industry area has passed a review by the Executive Yuan in a meeting on regional revitalization.
The “Starry Mountain City” plan focuses on areas between Nantou County’s Cingjing (清境) area and Hehuanshan (合歡山), which the International Dark-Sky Association in 2019 designated Taiwan’s first international dark-sky park.
The plan was jointly launched by government agencies, academia and private entities, including Nantou’s Renai Township (仁愛) Office, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) and the Cingjing Sustainable Development Association.

Faculty, Student & Alumni Stories

Tsz-Ching Mok (莫芷晴), a student of the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), immersed herself in "wine-infused coffee". She connects local flavors and Taiwan's grassroots fragrance to bring a fanciful experience to coffee lovers. Mok is a coffee enthusiast who has ample experience in selecting, picking, and roasting coffee beans and brewing coffee. She won the 2019 National Coffee Roasting Championship held in Nantou and accidentally came across wine-infused coffee popular in other countries. The smell of the aroma of wine when brewing coffee and the unique aroma of fruit, honey, dried longan, and even roasted wood when tasting makes drinkers want to know more about the coffee.
Yun Fang Chiu (邱韻芳), director of the Indigenous Education Program at National Chi Nan University (NCNU), established a learning support and counseling system for aboriginal students, and cultivates tribal talents and promotes a deeper understanding of the aboriginal ethnic groups among the public. Among candidates from many universities, the Ministry of Education recognized Yun Fang Chiu with the Excellent Director Award for her work at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center. Jia Xian Lu (陸家賢), an assistant at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center, received an Excellent Specialist award.
Professor Chia-Yu Yeh, who just stepped down as chair of department of economics, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), often gave a professional, sharp, and rigorous first impression. When she appeared on the other side of the screen for a remote interview, her long hair and casual smiles against a backdrop of a daily living space gave a friendly and stress-free image. Perhaps it was the enlightenment from her years of masters' and doctoral studies at the Ohio State University in the United States. You can immediately sense her free spirit after talking with her for a moment.


National Chi Nan University