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Cover Stories

s Title:NCNU captures two prizes at Taiwan's corporate sustainability awards

NCNU shone in this year's university social responsibility category, winning gold for “Growing a Greener Shui Sha Lian: Smart Tech x Low Pollution x Circular Economy” and silver for “Coffee as a Career: A Sustainable Industry for Shui Sha Lian” at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. 

s Title:NCNU partners with TAISE on Taiwan's sustainable development

On behalf of National Chi Nan University (NCNU) and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), NCNU President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su and TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien signed a cooperative pact on Sept. 23 forming a new academic-business partnership championing the sustainable development of Taiwan.

s Title:NCNU holds forums, student competition on regional empowerment

NCNU has been utilizing its administrative and academic resources to identify the industrial and business potential of its Nantou hometown and nurture the required talents and personnel accordingly.

s Title:NCNU hailed as model practitioner by Global Views Monthly's 2020 USR ranking
s Title:NCNU rated 63th in 12th SDG category
s Title:'Applied Sciences' selects NCNU research paper as February cover story

A research paper titled "Optimized LED-Integrated Agricultural Facilities for Adjusting the Growth of Water Bamboo (Zizania latifolia)” by NCNU's multi-department team has been published by an SCI journal “Applied Sciences” as the cover story of its February issue.

s Title:NCNU, CH Biotech to boost Taiwan's precision agriculture sector

National Chi Nan University and Taiwanese firm CH Biotech R&D look forward to a fruitful year of agricultural cooperation following the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) in December 2019.

s Title:National Chi Nan University was rated 2nd most sustainable university in Taiwan

NCNU was ranked 45th out of 780 universities in the world and 8th in Asia in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2019. 

s Title:Faculty Story: A beacon of community empowerment — Professor Luo Li-bei

Using her literary-themed hostel café as a base, Professor Luo’s enduring outreach efforts have strengthened Puli’s core identity, introduced new knowledge and initiatives, and fashioned a new charter for community-university cooperation. By linking Lancheng with National Chi Nan University and Puli Township, she has also brought the community closer to the world.

s Title:Fervent incubator of NCNU's AI talents — Professor Lee Pei-jun

By the good foresight of department chair Lee Pei-Jun and her colleagues, NCNU has successfully upgraded its research environment and teaching resources for training new talents to meet the growing labor demands of the meteoric AI industry.