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Faculty Stories

s Title:The media pundit with a poet's soul — Dr. Chang Chun-yen
Summary:His agenda is simple — to help Taiwanese students recognize the plight of Southeast Asian migrant workers, identify the pitfalls and opportunities associated with Taiwan's position as a host and employer of migrant labor, and search for solutions in partnership with local community groups. “The Homelanders” program has not only garnered the praise of the Ministry of Education's “Teaching Practice Research Program (教育部計畫辦公室)” but has also caught the eye of the chief editor of The News Lens, resulting in the Hong Kong- and Taiwan-based outlet's serialization of student works produced through the NCNU program.
s Title:Apostle of scientific theory and practice — Professor Kai-Yew Lum
Summary:Tune in below for detailed responses from NCNU Professor Kai-Yew Lum (林繼耀) — a Singaporean scholar-engineer and home-baking enthusiast — on his approach to teaching, learning with software, the military and civilian applications of aerospace engineering, and the best course to internationalization for different school systems.
s Title:Mentor of interdisciplinary managerial talents — Director/Professor Wang Ming-chieh
Summary:The practice of sharpening one's whetstone in independent challenges has been a longstanding tradition amongst NCNU business majors. Recent accolades include the awards for community empowerment and planning in the “2018 TiC100 (Talentrepreneurship Innovation Collaboration)” challenge spearheaded by Advantech, and second place in the “Female College Students Leadership Training Program” held by the Ministry of Education's Youth Development Administration. Competition winners often cite the freedom and resources provided by the business department.
s Title:Pursuer of a borderless education — Professor Hung Wen-jou
Summary:The adage “crouching tigers, hidden dragons” is an apt description of National Chi Nan University's faculty members and instructors, who are all top of their respective fields yet content to give their all to bettering the lives of students studying amidst the mountains of central Taiwan. Like master martial artists of the yore, teachers such as Hung Wen-jou (洪雯柔) pass on their skill sets selflessly in hope of preserving age-old knowledge and fostering generational progress. 
李佩君封面照片 Title:Fervent incubator of NCNU's AI talents — Professor Lee Pei-jun
Summary:By the good foresight of department chair Lee Pei-Jun (李佩君) and her colleagues, NCNU has successfully upgraded its research environment and teaching resources for training new talents to meet the growing labor demands of the meteoric AI industry.
羅麗蓓封面照片 Title:A beacon of community empowerment— Professor Luo Li-bei
Summary:Using her literary-themed hostel café as a base, Professor Luo Li-bei's (羅麗蓓) enduring outreach efforts have strengthened Puli's core identity, introduced new knowledge and initiatives, and fashioned a new charter for community-university cooperation. By linking Lancheng with National Chi Nan University and Puli Township, she has also brought the community closer to the world.
林敬堯封面照片 Title:The unlimited prospects of applied chemistry — Professor Lin Ching-yao
Summary:Under the innovative vision of Lin Ching-yao (林敬堯), a veteran chemistry professor with National Chi Nan University, dye-sensitized solar cells can now sport chic hues such as ultra-black and stylish orange, pink, and powder blue. His research projects have produced commercial results, garnering patents both in Taiwan and abroad.