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Faculty, Student & Alumni Stories

Title:Coffee-roasting champion develops wine-infused coffee to accumulate entrepreneurial capital
Summary:Tsz-Ching Mok (莫芷晴), a student of the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), immersed herself in "wine-infused coffee". She connects local flavors and Taiwan's grassroots fragrance to bring a fanciful experience to coffee lovers. Mok is a coffee enthusiast who has ample experience in selecting, picking, and roasting coffee beans and brewing coffee. She won the 2019 National Coffee Roasting Championship held in Nantou and accidentally came across wine-infused coffee popular in other countries. The smell of the aroma of wine when brewing coffee and the unique aroma of fruit, honey, dried longan, and even roasted wood when tasting makes drinkers want to know more about the coffee.
Title:Heartfelt teaching in NCNU's Indigenous Education: Two members recognized with excellent performance awards
Summary:Yun Fang Chiu (邱韻芳), director of the Indigenous Education Program at National Chi Nan University (NCNU), established a learning support and counseling system for aboriginal students, and cultivates tribal talents and promotes a deeper understanding of the aboriginal ethnic groups among the public. Among candidates from many universities, the Ministry of Education recognized Yun Fang Chiu with the Excellent Director Award for her work at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center. Jia Xian Lu (陸家賢), an assistant at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center, received an Excellent Specialist award.
Title:Balancing the tension between freedom and responsibility──Professor Chia-Yu Yeh (葉家瑜)
Summary:Professor Chia-Yu Yeh, who just stepped down as chair of department of economics, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), often gave a professional, sharp, and rigorous first impression. When she appeared on the other side of the screen for a remote interview, her long hair and casual smiles against a backdrop of a daily living space gave a friendly and stress-free image. Perhaps it was the enlightenment from her years of masters' and doctoral studies at the Ohio State University in the United States. You can immediately sense her free spirit after talking with her for a moment.
Title:Come along, let's find your brilliant time
Summary:In addition to running the independent bookstore "Brilliant Time" (燦爛時光), Cheng Chang (張正) is the incumbent Chief Director of Radio Taiwan International (中央廣播電台). He was previously the editor-in-chief of 4-Way Voice (四方報), the secretary-general of the Dream Together Charity Association (一起夢想公益協會), and an outstanding first-year alumnus of National Chi Nan University (NCNU). He has been engaging in Southeast Asian-related affairs for twenty years, from a beginning where he unintentionally got involved. From an initial stage that lacked public attention to today's well-organized programs, he has brought in perspective, vision, and strength, and injected sincerity and humanity into Taiwan's right to speak.
Title:Shared leadership, trust levels key to school performance
Summary:Serving as an incubator for educational leadership, NCNU's Department of Educational Policy and Administration has attracted many academics and school principals to pursue advanced studies. Associate Professor and Chair Chen Wen-yan (陳文彥) works with scholars from Taiwanese universities to identify the formula for effective school governance.
Title:The man Google couldn't keep: optoelectronics alumnus Hsu Chih-chun (許智鈞)
Summary:For most jobseekers, it would be a dream to work at Google. This dream became a reality for Hsu Chih-chun, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) alumnus who graduated from the Department of Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering. Yet after years of fulfilling work, he chose to leave this formidable corporation — not for another better-paying company but for another objective.
Title:Reconstructing the Taiwan imagination — Public administration alumnus Cinco Hsinko Yu (于欣可)
Summary:"If you were asked to give a speech at NCNU, what would you like to share?" "My topic would be: universities should be full of labs!” Responding without hesitation, Yu sounds like he is already speaking on stage. Young universities such as NCNU have a chance to be free from traditional constraints, to become an academic institution that sincerely responds to the needs of the era at hand. He stresses that NCNU students are equal in strength to those who graduate from Taiwan's top schools, but the lack of privilege and prestige associated with the young university's name often give rise to imposter-like feelings. Confidence can be trained by "aspiring to output by seeking new input," reminds Yu.
Title:The comforting warmth of logic – Professor Jessica Hsiaofen Chen
Summary:In Taiwan, mobile coverage is so prevalent that one can humble brag on social media about "just conquered the nation's tallest peak today" upon scaling the 3,952-meter Yushan, or Jade Mountain. In the ever-interconnected Taiwanese society, people are only one moment away from sharing something new through apps and social networks. This "mobile moment" is what intrigues Professor Jessica Hsiaofen Chen (陳小芬), an expert in the practical and predictive applications of information management with National Chi Nan University.
Title:Aging with friends: A blueprint for community-based care
Summary:The greying society of Taiwan is a global issue. According to Ministry of the Interior statistics for January 2021, the country's senior population comprises 16.2% of the total population. As low birth rates and limited resources are sure to adversely affect the ability of families to care for elders living with chronic or debilitating conditions, research institutions like National Chi Nan University have widened their efforts to reimagine long-term care. Liang Kai-lin (梁鎧麟), an assistant professor with the NCNU Department of Social Policy and Social Work, recalls that he was fully aware of Taiwan's aging trend by junior year as a social work major.
Title:Taiwan's top proponent of hospitality management studies — Dr. Dai You-de (戴有德)
Summary:National Chi Nan University's Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management has been one of the university's top programs since its inception in 2010. For the past 11 years, it has been consistently nurturing new talents in the hospitality industry, gaining governmental and corporate funding along the way, in no small part thanks to department chair Dr. Dai You-de (戴有德) and his league of passionate instructors. Dai graduated from the world's third best hospitality doctoral program – Penn State's Ph.D. in Hospitality Management (HM) – and has since become a Taiwanese leader on the cutting edge of this dynamic and ever-evolving field.
Title:NCNU, Georgia Tech engineer new ionizing solutions
Summary:Vincent K. S. Hsiao (蕭桂森), a professor with NCNU's Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering Department, joined Professor Zhong Lin Wang's Nanoscience Research Group at Georgia Tech last year as a visiting scholar. The resulting paper, "Photo-carrier extraction by triboelectricity for carrier transport layer-free photodetectors," was published by Nano Energy, a science magazine with a CiteScore of 25.6 and an Impact Factor (IF) of 16.602.
Title:Pride of Taiwan and Cambodia — Former Legislator Lin Li-chan (林麗蟬)
Summary:Lin Li-chan is Taiwan's first "new resident" legislator  — an immigrant from Cambodia who has since helped shape Taiwan's immigration policies. Since her arrival via marriage over 2 decades ago at the tender age of 20, Lin has lived an extraordinary life learning and expanding at a rapid speed, transforming session after session to become her most confident self. The key elements driving this progress are the empowerment powers of formal education and her sponge-like ability to learn and adapt.
Title:Advancing comparative education across cultures — DICE alumnus Fu Po-wei (傅柏維)
Summary:National Chi Nan University's Department of International and Comparative Education (DICE) is a true cradle of global talent and mobility, and accredited scholar Fu Po-wei is proud to call it his academic home. He spent nine years here, after all, progressing from undergraduate to doctoral studies — all in comparative education — and capturing a research grant from the Ministry of Education during the process.  
Title:A flickering flame of the literary jungles — Mahua Writer-Professor Ng Kim Chew (黃錦樹) 
Summary:Mahua, or the Sinophone literature of Malaysia, has been the focal point of studies from establishments such as Guangzhou's Jinan University since the 1990s to international academia such as American sinologists after 2005. In fact, their research often congregate on the literary output coming from a small Mahua community in Taiwan, from which novels are most popular but other creative forms and critiques flourish as well, and Ng is known for them all. 
Title:Steadfast educator and university architect — Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su (蘇玉龍)
Summary:Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su has served as president of National Chi Nan University since 2012. He is also a professor of applied chemistry who specializes in electroanalytical and porphyrin chemistry. Under Su's leadership, NCNU has been blossoming along the three axis of sophistication, specificity, and internationalization. Sophistication refers to the pursuit of refinement, a mindset of aiming for excellence in all aspects. “This has been my approach towards school governance and deepening the foundational roots of NCNU,” he explains. Specificity refers to the unique merits of each school, for “we are not just another public university.” Next up is internationalization, which has always been one of the university's founding values based on the intrinsic qualities of NCNU, in which the school name means “Southbound.”