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Faculty, Student & Alumni Stories

Title:Aging with friends: A blueprint for community-based care
Summary:The greying society of Taiwan is a global issue. According to Ministry of the Interior statistics for January 2021, the country's senior population comprises 16.2% of the total population. As low birth rates and limited resources are sure to adversely affect the ability of families to care for elders living with chronic or debilitating conditions, research institutions like National Chi Nan University have widened their efforts to reimagine long-term care. Liang Kai-lin (梁鎧麟), an assistant professor with the NCNU Department of Social Policy and Social Work, recalls that he was fully aware of Taiwan's aging trend by junior year as a social work major.
Title:Taiwan's top proponent of hospitality management studies — Dr. Dai You-de (戴有德)
Summary:National Chi Nan University's Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management has been one of the university's top programs since its inception in 2010. For the past 11 years, it has been consistently nurturing new talents in the hospitality industry, gaining governmental and corporate funding along the way, in no small part thanks to department chair Dr. Dai You-de (戴有德) and his league of passionate instructors. Dai graduated from the world's third best hospitality doctoral program – Penn State's Ph.D. in Hospitality Management (HM) – and has since become a Taiwanese leader on the cutting edge of this dynamic and ever-evolving field.
Title:NCNU, Georgia Tech engineer new ionizing solutions
Summary:Vincent K. S. Hsiao (蕭桂森), a professor with NCNU's Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering Department, joined Professor Zhong Lin Wang's Nanoscience Research Group at Georgia Tech last year as a visiting scholar. The resulting paper, "Photo-carrier extraction by triboelectricity for carrier transport layer-free photodetectors," was published by Nano Energy, a science magazine with a CiteScore of 25.6 and an Impact Factor (IF) of 16.602.
Title:Pride of Taiwan and Cambodia — Former Legislator Lin Li-chan (林麗蟬)
Summary:Lin Li-chan is Taiwan's first "new resident" legislator  — an immigrant from Cambodia who has since helped shape Taiwan's immigration policies. Since her arrival via marriage over 2 decades ago at the tender age of 20, Lin has lived an extraordinary life learning and expanding at a rapid speed, transforming session after session to become her most confident self. The key elements driving this progress are the empowerment powers of formal education and her sponge-like ability to learn and adapt.
Title:Advancing comparative education across cultures — DICE alumnus Fu Po-wei (傅柏維)
Summary:National Chi Nan University's Department of International and Comparative Education (DICE) is a true cradle of global talent and mobility, and accredited scholar Fu Po-wei is proud to call it his academic home. He spent nine years here, after all, progressing from undergraduate to doctoral studies — all in comparative education — and capturing a research grant from the Ministry of Education during the process.  
Title:A flickering flame of the literary jungles — Mahua Writer-Professor Ng Kim Chew (黃錦樹) 
Summary:Mahua, or the Sinophone literature of Malaysia, has been the focal point of studies from establishments such as Guangzhou's Jinan University since the 1990s to international academia such as American sinologists after 2005. In fact, their research often congregate on the literary output coming from a small Mahua community in Taiwan, from which novels are most popular but other creative forms and critiques flourish as well, and Ng is known for them all. 
Title:Steadfast educator and university architect — Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su (蘇玉龍)
Summary:Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su has served as president of National Chi Nan University since 2012. He is also a professor of applied chemistry who specializes in electroanalytical and porphyrin chemistry. Under Su's leadership, NCNU has been blossoming along the three axis of sophistication, specificity, and internationalization. Sophistication refers to the pursuit of refinement, a mindset of aiming for excellence in all aspects. “This has been my approach towards school governance and deepening the foundational roots of NCNU,” he explains. Specificity refers to the unique merits of each school, for “we are not just another public university.” Next up is internationalization, which has always been one of the university's founding values based on the intrinsic qualities of NCNU, in which the school name means “Southbound.”
Title:Vanguard of environmental sustainability — Dr. Chen Ku-fan (陳谷汎)
Summary:By bringing students to the actual construction site, Dr. Chen Ku-fan believes he can better demonstrate how the academic knowledge being imparted can be applied to the lifelong profession. Working with fellow CE professor Tsai Yung-pin, Dr. Chen brought their classes to Puli's Taomi Village, where hostels and B&Bs were being outfitted with a simple wetland area for processing used water. Being on-site, as well as adjusting projected calculations based on field readings, will familiarize students with the real-life applications of the theorems and equations taught in class, he points out.
Title:Crime-fighting scholar out to curb violence — Dr. Pei-ling Wang (王珮玲)
Summary:Since Wang joined NCNU in 2004, she has facilitated the launch of NCNU's Center for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Research, then developed diagnostic tests for campus- or dating-related violence, such as the Taiwan Intimate Partner Violence Danger Assessment, for use by frontline social workers all across Taiwan. In recent years, Wang has continued working with others to successfully lobby for more much-warranted legal protection for women and children in Taiwan. She also guided TCAV in organizing two editions of the Asia-Pacific Summit on Gender-Based Violence, in which policymakers from across Asia meet in Taipei to fortify the networks that protect women and the young. This year she partnered with non-governmental organizations to form a coalition for criminalizing stalkers in all forms. Policymaking and academia are but two facets of her decades-long and illustrious career — one that is marked by perseverance, compassion, and a Purple Ribbon Award from MOHW for contributing to national protective services.
Title:A torchbearer for the future of applied materials and optoelectronics — Professor Hsiang Chen (陳祥)
Summary:Hsiang Chen, chair of National Chi Nan University's Department of Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering, began his academic journey in the field of electrical engineering before delving into photonics and nanomaterials. Respected among his peers as a well-trained engineer who has never ceased his research efforts, Chen maintains a steady publishing average of 8 articles per year in international science master journals listed on the Science Citation Index (SCI). Apart from livening up his department's recruitment and teaching process, he is also leading the way for more case studies, hands-on experiments, and industry knowledge such as the latest breakthroughs in technology and applications.
Title:A scholar's most-treasured asset — Professor Jennifer Yu Ching-jung (余菁蓉)
Summary:A specialist in financial econometrics, Yu has been a professor with NCNU for over 17 years. She has mentored an incredible amount of talented students over the years, with many accepting offers from overseas universities and international companies upon graduating from Nantou. Yu places most emphasis on imparting informational acumen and a global perspective, both of which can be facilitated by keeping abreast of the latest theories through international publications and thesis reviews. She also encourages her disciples to attend academic seminars in the United States and Europe.
Title:Examiner of the numbers behind music — Dr. Rhett Herng-Yow Chen (陳恒佑)
Summary:The boundlessness of knowledge contained within the universe made Chen embrace his limitations and focus on the apex of human technology and natural laws. His optimism for the imminent bounds of human progress can be summarized as: “I am looking forward to creating a sophisticated detection system that can read the music inside a person's mind and remotely activate a piano to play that song.”
Title:The media pundit with a poet's soul — Dr. Chang Chun-yen (張春炎)
Summary:His agenda is simple — to help Taiwanese students recognize the plight of Southeast Asian migrant workers, identify the pitfalls and opportunities associated with Taiwan's position as a host and employer of migrant labor, and search for solutions in partnership with local community groups. “The Homelanders” program has not only garnered the praise of the Ministry of Education's “Teaching Practice Research Program (教育部計畫辦公室)” but has also caught the eye of the chief editor of The News Lens, resulting in the Hong Kong- and Taiwan-based outlet's serialization of student works produced through the NCNU program.
Title:Apostle of scientific theory and practice — Professor Kai-Yew Lum (林繼耀)
Summary:Tune in below for detailed responses from NCNU Professor Kai-Yew Lum — a Singaporean scholar-engineer and home-baking enthusiast — on his approach to teaching, learning with software, the military and civilian applications of aerospace engineering, and the best course to internationalization for different school systems.
Title:Mentor of interdisciplinary managerial talents — Director/Professor Wang Ming-chieh
Summary:The practice of sharpening one's whetstone in independent challenges has been a longstanding tradition amongst NCNU business majors. Recent accolades include the awards for community empowerment and planning in the “2018 TiC100 (Talentrepreneurship Innovation Collaboration)” challenge spearheaded by Advantech, and second place in the “Female College Students Leadership Training Program” held by the Ministry of Education's Youth Development Administration. Competition winners often cite the freedom and resources provided by the business department.