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s Title:​​​​​​​NCNU set to become nation's top producer of solar power
Summary:Through the Nantou County Government and the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ "Promotion of Green Energy Roofs Project," NCNU and Xinming Energy Co., Ltd. (新明能源有限公司) signed a lease agreement for solar photovoltaic equipment that will generate 1.5 megawatts of power. This deal makes NCNU the first project site in the government's green energy roof project to challenge the 1-megawatt benchmark, and cements NCNU as a green university and a development center for sustainable energy.
s Title:NCNU captures two prizes at Taiwan's corporate sustainability awards
Summary:National Chi Nan University shone in this year's university social responsibility category, winning gold for “Growing a Greener Shui Sha Lian: Smart Tech x Low Pollution x Circular Economy” and silver for “Coffee as a Career: A Sustainable Industry for Shui Sha Lian” at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. These two ongoing projects validate NCNU's approach to community empowerment and underscore the university's role as a regional think tank.
s Title:NCNU holds forums, student competition on regional empowerment
Summary:A series of forums and proposals aimed at brainstorming for more localized and creative ideas on regional empowerment took place at National Chi Nan University on May 13. Organized by LESSON+ (Learning and Enhancement Center for Small-business Startup of NCNU) and CTCA Taiwan (Creative Tourism and Community Design Association in Taiwan), the program was attended by delegates representing the tourism, grassroots revitalization, and agricultural cooperative interests of the central Taiwanese regions of Nantou, Taichung, Changhua, and Yunlin.
s Title:NCNU holds educational fair to highlight importance of water resources
Summary:To raise public awareness of the importance of water resources and the interconnected ecology that support such life-providing systems, National Chi Nan University held a special water-themed carnival called “Just Keep Swimming” on June 6 next to the Pacheng Flood Canal at an experimental forest conservation area maintained by National Chung Hsing University in central Taiwan.
s Title:NCNU receives global acclaim for sustainability, inclusivity efforts
Summary:After years of being a rumored mountainous institution shrouded in clouds, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) has emerged on the world stage as a globally acclaimed practitioner of sustainable programs, environmental protection, and university social responsibility (USR).
s Title:LED lighting system for nighttime farming prevents leaf stunting, promotes accelerated growth
Summary:A research paper titled "Optimized LED-Integrated Agricultural Facilities for Adjusting the Growth of Water Bamboo (Zizania latifolia)” by NCNU's multi-department team has been selected by an SCI journal “Applied Sciences” as the cover story of its February issue.
s Title:NCNU invites nationwide coordination on global recruitment
Summary:Thanks to Taiwan's stellar pandemic-fighting efforts raising the nation's international visibility as a whole, Dr. Wuu Dong-sing explains that overseas interest in Taiwanese universities has surged as well. President Wuu suggests if the University Entrance Committee can coordinate a global front for Taiwanese universities, it would be a beneficial arrangement for all participating parties. He adds that first-stage trials can begin with targeting neighboring countries including Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Time-wise, he suggests a small-scale push starting next year.
S Title:NCNU launches the Cherry Blossom Alliance, a 12-school league in central Taiwan for higher education
Summary:To assist high school students based in central Taiwan prepare for critical changes to Taiwan's educational system, including a new system for college entrance examinations that will be introduced in 2022 and the new national curriculum adopted in 2019, the National Chi Nan University officially launched the Cherry Blossom Alliance (櫻花聯盟) this spring. The alliance is rallying high school teachers to join forces and guide up to 20,000 students in preparing for entrance exams. From reviewing important materials to designing new courses, this collective endeavor aims to smoothen the academic journey for students and put their parents' minds at ease.
s Title:Dong-sing Wuu (武東星) elected as 8th NCNU president
Summary:The special electoral committee of National Chi Nan University (NCNU) convened on December 6, 2020 to deliberate upon the university's presidential candidates, resulting in Dong-sing Wuu , a tenured professor with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Taichung-based National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), receiving the most votes. Wuu's appointment has been confirmed by the Ministry of Education and his term will begin on Feb. 1, 2021.
s Title:NCNU launches SDGs curriculum to promote sustainable development practices
Summary:NCNU President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su sought the assistance of NCNU General Education Center Director Chang Ying-chen and NCNU Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety and Health Center Director Chen Ku-fan to develop a new SDGs curriculum.
s Title:NCNU's energy conservation campaign yields green results
Summary:As the second highest-ranking Taiwanese university on the GreenMetric World University Ranking last year, the National Chi Nan University (NCNU) proceeded to work with Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) this year to launch an energy conservation campaign in May. The initial results show a grand culmination of NT$1.16 million in electrical bill savings, and a reduction of 181,000 kilograms of carbon emissions between June and September in comparison to the same period last year.
s Title:NCNU hosts Taiwan-Japan seminar on local revitalization
Summary:The National Chi Nan University hosted a seminar on local revitalization that was co-organized by two Japanese universities — National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and Niigata University — on Sept. 30. Japan and Taiwan have both placed increasing emphasis on regional revitalization issues in recent years.
s Title:NCNU debuts online course on interactive music programming and creation
Summary:Interactive Music Programming and Creation is a MOOC (Massive Online Open Class) designed by NCNU Professor Herng-Yow Chen and his team of graduate students for teaching a classical combination of music composition and traditional programming. This online course will be held from May 25 – June 29, 2020.
s Title:National Police Agency, NCNU join forces to strengthen campus safety
Summary:The off-campus murder of a female college student from Malaysia in Taiwan has called attention to the need for reviewing standard procedures and safety protocols, with NPA Director-General Chen leading the police's initiative in meeting school officials and holding discussions with students. NCNU, which works with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit overseas compatriots and international students, is also reaching out to parents and overseas communities to address their concerns.
s Title:Student teams craft engaging videos to promote NCNU
Summary:To encourage students' creative participation in boosting NCNU's international visibility, the university launched a scholarship program last November to award video-shooting proposals by students. After five months of hard work by the two selected teams, two 3-min-long video clips were formally released on May 23.