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s Title:NCNU launches SDGs curriculum to promote sustainable development practices
Summary:NCNU President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su sought the assistance of NCNU General Education Center Director Chang Ying-chen and NCNU Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety and Health Center Director Chen Ku-fan to develop a new SDGs curriculum.
s Title:NCNU has actively increased the use of renewable energy on campus
Summary:A solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, the 10kWp solar photovoltaic system, and 54.6kwp solar photovoltaic systems, were installed in buildings, contributing to an additional 60,000 kW of electricity. The power generated using renewable energy is directly delivered to campus buildings for use, leading to a reduced use of the grid. By doing this, NCNU has set a great model for environmental protection and invites the community to visit the university to observe the solar photovoltaic systems and learn about the importance of renewable energy.
s Title:NCNU hosts Taiwan-Japan seminar on local revitalization
Summary:The National Chi Nan University hosted a seminar on local revitalization that was co-organized by two Japanese universities — National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and Niigata University — on Sept. 30. Japan and Taiwan have both placed increasing emphasis on regional revitalization issues in recent years.
s Title:Student teams craft engaging videos to promote NCNU
Summary:To encourage students' creative participation in boosting NCNU's international visibility, the university launched a scholarship program last November to award video-shooting proposals by students. After five months of hard work by the two selected teams, two 3-min-long video clips were formally released on May 23.
s Title:NCNU student captures the 2019 Coffee Roasting Championship title
Summary:NCNU graduate student Mo Zhi-qing (莫芷晴) was declared winner of the 2019 Coffee Roasting Championship in Taiwan. Mo, who is only 23 years old, is currently enrolled in her first year at NCNU's Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management.
s Title:The unlimited prospects of applied chemistry
Summary:Under the innovative vision of Lin Ching-yao (林敬堯), a veteran chemistry professor with National Chi Nan University, dye-sensitized solar cells can now sport chic hues such as ultra-black and stylish orange, pink, and powder blue. His research projects have produced commercial results, garnering patents both in Taiwan and abroad.
s Title:NCNU donates rare hornet hive to National Museum of Natural Science
Summary:A huge Vespa ducalis hive measuring 60 x 84 x 65cm was discovered at NCNU campus and was donated to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung for better preservation and research use.
s Title:Joint operations office for regional revitalization and cross-boundary governance opens at NCNU
Summary:President Su Yuhlong expressed his hopes for the joint operations office to become a focal networking point.
s Title:NCNU students spotlight regional history with creative projects
Summary:Amid classical pop melodies and the resounding clapping of an audience comprising village elders and community leaders, 74 freshmen from the National Chi Nan University concluded their 12-project showcase on the regional history of Ailan Plateau (愛蘭台地), which is also referred to as “Chuanshan (船山),” or “ship-shaped mountain.” The host venue Puli Senior Care Center was also transformed into the Grand Chuanshan Theater (船山大戲院) for the occasion.  
s Title:NCNU volunteers assist village of Pro-Hut in Cambodia with bedtime reading exercises
Summary:As the alleys darken with the passing of daytime, Homie Puli Café lights up with a warm glow as it awaits a volunteer group of National Chi Nan University teachers and students returning from Cambodia.
s Title:NCNU, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science to offer joint dual degrees
Summary:A memorandum of agreement was signed between the Vietnam National University’s Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and National Chi Nan University in December to offer joint dual degrees.
s Title:NCNU students gain Myanmar work experience via summer internship
Summary:Five National Chi Nan University students spent their summer completing an internship program at the Myanmar-based De Mart network of convenience stores, gaining valuable work experience at an important emerging market.
s Title:NCNU students complete Bali mission empowering women through skills education
Summary:An all-volunteer mission comprising students from National Chi Nan University has returned from Indonesia after partaking in a Bali initiative that provides computer training and vocational skills to disadvantaged female youths.