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Title:NCNU receives "University Social Responsibility Award"
Summary:NCNU was awarded first place in "University Social Responsibility" among medium-sized public comprehensive universities. President Dong-Sing Wuu stated that NCNU has long served as the connection for social responsibility collaborations for universities in the central region, actively promoting participation in civil society affairs, and further practicing the concept of "local creation and cross-regional governance". In the future, we will continuously strive to run the school, cultivate talents, and lead the local region of Nantou County towards a vision of mutual prosperity, sustainable development, and diverse values of civil society.
Title:Applications for master's and doctoral programs are now open
Summary:National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is currently accepting applications for the 2022 master's and doctoral programs! NCNU has a total of 28 master's and 13 doctoral academic programs with 207 and 34 openings, respectively. The application process includes application submission and interviews, with no written tests. The application window is from October 14, 2021 through to November 2, 2021.
Title:NCNU team TCG TECH combats plastics crisis with biodegradable tech
Summary:Lu Meng-shan (呂孟珊), a Ph.D. candidate with National Chi Nan University, has uncovered a way to transform sludge to proverbial gold. This discovery led to the formation of TCG TECH, an academic collective comprising Lu and fellow NCNU students Yang Chih-chi (楊智其), Chang Yu-chen (張育禎), Lu Yao-chih (呂曜志), and Hsu Hao (徐顥). Their applications of Lu's research have led to greener technology such as eco-friendly plastics, becoming shortlisted by the Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology as a potential recipient of its startup funds in the process.
Title:NCNU scores high for research, industry income on THE world rankings
Summary:In the latest Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is rated 412th globally for "Industry Income" ⁠— one of the five core pillars measuring the commercial impact, industrial value, and real-world applications of our institution's research.
Title:NCNU research reveals secret to retaining Gen Z talent
Summary:"The era of rationalizing unreasonable work demands is over," claims Ouyang Pei-lin (歐陽霈霖), a hospitality studies student with National Chi Nan University (NCNU) whose research on the "anti-authoritarian streak of Gen Z jobseekers" recently captured an award from Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology. Her paper was chosen for its insights on how new graduates are information-savvy when it comes to rights and freedoms, hence naturally dispositioned against the totalitarian managerial styles that dictate the Taiwanese workplace.
Title:The siren call of coffee: one PhD student's winged tulip obsession
Summary:Yeh Chun-ting (葉俊廷), a Ph.D. candidate pursuing both academic and caffeinated fulfillment at National Chi Nan University (NCNU), has unlocked a new achievement — pouring the perfect winged latte tulip — and winning an online latte art competition organized by Taiwanese chain Junior Coffee and Australian coffee appliance maker Breville. He scored first both in demonstration, out of 200 plus contestants, and in digital fan base, receiving over 2,500 engagements and almost 500 comments during demo and generating considerable buzz on the competition's platform.
Title:Student codes rental recommendation system, wins research award
Summary:Tsai Chih-ying (蔡姿瑩), a graduate researcher with National Chi Nan University's (NCNU) Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, has created a tailored solution for banishing housing woes from the university community. For streamlining the data and user experience and creating suitable balances to check this recommendation-based system, the student developer received a research accolade from the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Title:NCNU student recognized by science ministry for social policy research
Summary:National Chi Nan University (NCNU) student Chuang Ming-rong (莊明蓉) received the top honor bestowed by Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for graduate research this year — the 2021 Creation Award (創作獎) — for her analysis on how to better utilize the judgement of seasoned social welfare workers in determining the reliability of insanity defense in major criminal cases.
Title:NCNU curates digital exhibition to highlight Southeast Asian research
Summary:A digital forum was held on July 16 to introduce "Cosmopolitan Webs and Dreams" — a cross-disciplinary exhibition nurtured by the research prowess of Taiwan's first university department dedicated to the field of Southeast Asian studies. The public exhibition addressing inequality and exploitation remains online through Aug. 15. The collaboration among 4 colleges, 11 departments, 19 professors, and 37 guest instructors from National Chi Nan University (NCNU) culminated in 24 workshops and 60 fringe events.
Title:NCNU promotes STEAM education with digital summer camp
Summary:In an interdisciplinary initiative to promote food and digital education in preparation for the post-pandemic era, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) and partners organized a series of online forums centered on STEAM — science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics — for junior high and high school students from all across Taiwan.
Title:NCNU hatches cutting-edge solution for real-time interpretation
Summary:A gadget for instantaneous translation is no longer the stuff of one's dreams. Supported by the Learning and Empowerment Center for Small-business Startups of NCNU (LESSON+), four university students have developed a fuss-free way of achieving simultaneous English and Japanese interpretations of spoken Mandarin.
Title:Community-driven solutions for curbing air pollution
Summary:At 9am, Puli's Fresh Market 3 (埔里第三市場) is already bustling with hawkers vying for attention with shouts like "30 dollars per kilo!" and "come this way for the freshest selection!" barely making a dint in the action-packed marketplace. Everyone is looking to score the best deal, and when home and dinner is ahead, why would anyone pay attention to the spluttering exhaust pipes behind one's back?
Title:Taiwan's plastic-free future begins with grassroots change
Summary:A lively green movement stirs in the serene and mountainous Taiwanese township of Puli. Since 2018, many busy shoppers at the Puli's Fresh Market 3 are politely rejecting vendors' offer of plastic bags, opting instead to use their own reusable carriers. Each plastic-free purchase comes with a point for their eco-card, which can then be redeemed for a variety of environmentally friendly items. The community-organized Puli PM2.5 Reduction Association (PPRA, 埔里PM2.5空汙減量自救會) has been tracking the worsening air quality and consumer reliance on plastic bags that stem from practices at the Puli's Fresh Market 3 since 2014. To address these behavior-driven pollution, the association partnered with National Chi Nan University's Shui Sha Lian Research Center for Humanities Innovation and Social Practice to transform the market into a pedestrian-friendly area with a low carbon footprint.
Title:NCNU students set new record for MOST research grants
Summary:National Chi Nan University (NCNU) activated its remote learning network on June 17 in compliance with national regulations as Taiwan combats a surge in indigenously transmitted COVID-19 cases, but the research output of the university remain unaffected during this period of social distancing and studying from home. A popular Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) grants program accepted 38 undergraduate research projects submitted by NCNU this year, reflecting a 211% year-on increase while setting a new record for the 26-year-old university.
Title:NCNU debuts on 2021 THE Asia University Rankings
Summary:National Chi Nan University (NCNU) made its debut on THE Asia University Rankings compiled by the UK-based Times Higher Education this year. Taiwan also beat its previous record with 38 schools landing on the 2021 THE Asia Rankings, which listed 551 schools from 30 some countries.