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General Education Center


Students’ humanistic knowledge and technological literacy reflects NCNU’s goal of strengthening professionalism and integration of general education.  Besides featuring structural general courses and core academic courses, it also utilizes general courses and teaching to augment cross-schools exchanges. “Public Service” is a course for students to apply their passions and learning to the disadvantaged. Public service allows students to learn from their experiences, realize their passion and cultivate the notion of care, service and  compassion for others, and develop open-minded characters. Physical education courses offer “Feature Sports”, which include boats, archery, equestrianism, golf, ballroom dancing, tennis, swimming, etc.  Currently, there are also “Eco-Concept” classes for students to develop “Eco-Ethics” and the correct environmental concepts. In order to embrace green energy, carbon reduction, ecological conservation, environment-friendly and sustainable development issues, NCNU General Education Center provides green-energy industry development curricula.  Meanwhile, the Southeast Asian Multicultural Special Curriculum has been established through Overseas Students Admissions and Southeast Asian Studies; it aims to strengthen competitiveness of graduates in the Southeast Asian employment markets.

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