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9.Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

VM-Fi Inc., a startup mentored by NCNU, amazed audiences at a Las Vegas exhibition

As a result of globalization, information, tourism, and transportation are no longer limited by borders; however, people are still subject to language barriers. VM-FI, Inc., a startup tutored by NCNU, developed a translation system that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and the 5G high-speed communication technology. VM-Fi has been recognized by the world's most technologically influential "CES 2022 Smart City Innovation Award." VM-Fi uses smart city 5G and AI to provide high-speed, real-time voice interpretation services. With VM-Fi, a speech given by one person on stage can be translated into a different language simultaneously for one hundred audience members, which removes language barriers instantly and achieves the goal of a smart city lifestyle.

Coffee-roasting champion develops wine-infused coffee to accumulate entrepreneurial capital

Tsz-Ching Mok (莫芷晴), a student of the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), immersed herself in "wine-infused coffee". She connects local flavors and Taiwan's grassroots fragrance to bring a fanciful experience to coffee lovers. Mok is a coffee enthusiast who has ample experience in selecting, picking, and roasting coffee beans and brewing coffee. She won the 2019 National Coffee Roasting Championship held in Nantou and accidentally came across wine-infused coffee popular in other countries. The smell of the aroma of wine when brewing coffee and the unique aroma of fruit, honey, dried longan, and even roasted wood when tasting makes drinkers want to know more about the coffee.

Dark sky tour in the tribal county: Discovering a secret stargazing place in Ren-Ai

Hehuan Mountain is not the only place for stargazing! National Chi Nan University has been assisting Ren-Ai Township in Nantou County in the promotion of a local creation plan to bring the stargazing tourism industry to the tribal area. Recently, various villages and communities were tasked to seek fields suitable for developing into stargazing tourist attractions. To create more tribal stargazing "secret" destinations, more stargazing facilities should be added in the future, and stargazing talents should be cultivated in tribal areas.

NCNU developed "1 MORE PROTEIN" to cope with lactose intolerance

"1 MORE PROTEIN", a low sugar, fast-absorbing, plant-based protein that encourages many bodybuilding enthusiasts with lactose intolerance, created by a team led by Hsin Hua Ai (艾欣樺) of the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Chi Nan University, was selected as the Phase 2 finalist of the Youth Development Administration's U-Start Plan. 

NCNU team TCG TECH combats plastics crisis with biodegradable tech

Lu Meng-shan (呂孟珊), a Ph.D. candidate with National Chi Nan University, has uncovered a way to transform sludge to proverbial gold. This discovery led to the formation of TCG TECH, an academic collective comprising Lu and fellow NCNU students Yang Chih-chi (楊智其), Chang Yu-chen (張育禎), Lu Yao-chih (呂曜志), and Hsu Hao (徐顥). Their applications of Lu's research have led to greener technology such as eco-friendly plastics, becoming shortlisted by the Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology as a potential recipient of its startup funds in the process.