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Office of Academic Affairs



Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is the central administrative office, with responsibility for the institutional academic mission, programming and policy implementation, support programs for academic personnel and students, academic fiscal management. OAA oversees all aspects of the NCNU curriculum, extending intellectual participation beyond the classroom, encouraging students to become informed global citizens, and working to create a cooperative atmosphere in which to address academic questions and concerns.  OAA upholds the standards and policies established by the faculty. It provides the guidance and leadership necessary to encourage all forms of intellectual discovery in the campus becomesthe cornerstone of the entire academic experience at NCNU. The OAA is responsible for academic planning and programs, budgets, facilities planning and construction, student enrollment, course selection, academic records management, teaching and learning development, student admissions, application for academic-related certificates, academic services, etc. OOA continues to invest in the following initiatives to strengthen the academic quality of the University.

  • Improve teaching space and facilities to provide a comfortable and efficient learning environment.
  • Recruit competent faculties to enhance teaching capacity.
  • Improve curriculum structure to reflect academic development.
  • Emphasize the equal importance of general, liberal and specialized education and enhance their teaching contents and facilities.
  • Reinforce the assistance with student coursework.
  • Enrich international exchange and expand faculty and student horizon to advance teaching quality and attain the status of world-class university.

Organization and services

The Office of Academic Affairs provides coordination and support at the NCNU for all academic personnel matters, programming, and other issues pertaining to the academic standards and mission of the institution. OAA is guided by the Dean of OAA who serves as chief academic officer of the university. The Dean collaborates with the campus and external communities to achieve the academic mission and vision of the University. Directly under the Dean of Academic Affairs, there are Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Admission Section and Teaching Development Center.

Registration Section: to manage students' information, registration, academic grades, review qualifications of students, issue student IDs, diplomas and transcripts.

Curriculum Section: to manage course scheduling and selecting, manage curricular arrangements. To manage course instruction evaluation.

Admission Section: to manage entrance examination and application, financial aid counseling, high school promotion activities.

Teaching Development Center: to provide training to improve teaching ability, provide consultation for teaching evaluation.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30- 17:00

Location: 3F, Administration Building

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