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Office of General Affairs



The Office of General Affairs strives to reach the  ideals of efficiency, flexibility, innovation and quality  service in all of its duties and functions. Its objectives are to provide students and faculty with a tranquil, safe and comfortable learning and living space and to elevate the quality of the educational environment, and thus, the university's overall competitiveness. The duties of the Office of General Affairs are diverse and varied. They range in scope from plumbing and electrical repairs to campus planning. Although limited in human and other resources, the staff of the Office of General Affairs carries out every project with its sights set on reaching perfection. We consider all who share this campus to be part of one big family, and in that spirit welcome suggestions and comments. This office cultivates a service-oriented culture, putting in full effort to every task, no matter its size, to build a harmonious and outstanding campus environment. This office has begun making use of the campus electronic bulletin board system to keep students, faculty and staff informed of work projects and water and electricity stoppages, as well as new measures and regulations related to this office's work.

Organization and Services

  • Documentation Section: Receiving and issuing of mails/official documents & data management
  • General Services Section: Service vehicle dispatch and management sevices within the campus. Cleaning of campus perimeters and vegetation maintenance. Campus security and entrance clearance management. Settlement and statistics of utility costs (water, electricity and gas) for the whole campus
  • Cashier Section: Wage payment (deduction) services. Tuition fee, miscellaneous fee, campus residence fee collection services. Personal property and income tax deduction services
  • Construction and Maintenance Section: Maintenance and management of power distribution on campus
  • Property Services Section: Management of properties, belongings and residence. Guest house application and management. Campus canteen, bookstore, convenience store outsourcing operation and management. Allocation and management of staff residence on campus
  • Instrument Acquisition Section: Commissioning and supervision of various procurement and construction


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