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Office of Student Affairs



Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is a central provider of resources and experiences designed to supplement students' classroom learning and to contribute significantly to their personal development. OSA serves as a primary source of information and advice about co-curricular opportunities and resources. Staff members in OSA assist students in becoming involved in campus life, conduct leadership development programs, provide continuity for organizations from year to year, manage organizational finances, educate students about University policies, mediate disputes, advise event planners, and help students put classroom learning into practice through the techniques of experiential education. Through our programs, advising resources and services, and various forms of advocacy, OSA supports students in their growth as leaders.

Organization and services

OSA staff members perform the following specific functions for all graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for other members of the University community:

  • Center of Counseling and Career Development: to  help students handle day-to-day challenges and encourage their personal growth and development. Counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment.
  • Student Assistance Section: to advise the  student activities program, coordinating the functions of the Student Activities Council and its member organizations as well as registered groups. Serve as administrative liaison to all branches of the student government. Coordinate campus-wide leadership training programs for all interested students and assist with workshops for individual groups and departments.
  • Health Section: Cooperating with Puli Veterans Hospital (PVH), the NCNU Clinical Services include same-day medical care for urgent problems, preventive health visits, testing, immunization, care for pre-existing conditions and physical exams.
  • Student Housing Service Section: responsible for all aspects of customer service in the Student Housing Services office, off campus housing, and residence facilities including maintenance, cleaning and facilities planning.
  • Center of Campus Security Report: provides protection and security for the campus community.  Its duties include detecting fires, detaining trespassers, preventing theft and vandalism, and investigating reports of suspicious persons and incidents.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30- 17:00

Location: Student Activity Center Building


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