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Office of Research and Development



Established on February 1st, 2007, the Office of Research and Development aims to integrate domestic research resources and to create a communication platform with other universities. Research management at NCNU collaborates the areas of Extending Research, Scholarship and Graduate Studies. The University Research Strategy targets on seven strategic goals through which the end purpose of the University Strategic Plan shall be achieved.

These are:

  •  To encourage staff participation
  •  To enhance student research training
  •  To increase internal and external research funding
  •  To increase international collaborative research
  •  To increase the volume and quality of research outputs
  •  To improve the impact of research
  •  To integrate research and teaching


Organization and Duties

There are three main sections under the Office of Research and Development: General Planning Section, Academic and Promotional Service Section and Entrepreneur Incubator.

  • General Planning Section: In charge of Compulsive tasks, National Science Council Projects, Campus-Industry cooperation projects, University level research projects and etc. 
  • Academic and Promotional Service Section: In charge of Award for Excellent Research, NCNU newsletter publishing, NCNU e-magazine, University publishing, applications for Ministry of Education, on-duty degree program, and continuous education promotion.
  • Entrepreneur Incubator: In charge of Entrepreneur Incubator, patent application, technique transferring and management on research achievements.


Hours: Monday - Friday,  8:30 - 17:00

Location: 4F, Administration Building

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