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Social Policy and Social Work


The department emphases are listed as follows: having complete basic training, combining theory and practice, cooperating with Taiwan’s progression to internationalization. It could be summed up on the three general points listed below:

A. For having some knowledge and abilities in the field of social science, students are given basic understanding in this field. They are also strengthened on their ability of analyzing politics, economics and some social problems.

B. We emphasize on the practice of an over-all learning and balanced development. Also, more academic exchange between bilateral straits, establishment of social policy, social work management and social work practice are all our further expectation. Under this vision, the importance of curriculum programming could be listed as the following three:

(1) social welfare theory and policy field:

social welfare theory, the analysis of social policy, social policy and legislation, social secure policy, comparative social policy, etc.

(2) social work management field:

social work management, programming and evaluation, manual data management and performance management, non-profit organization, etc.

(3) social work practice field:

social work theory, medical social work, psychological social work, the prevention and rectifying of juvenile delinquency, children welfare, woman welfare, senior citizen welfare, domestic violence, community care, family treatment, play therapy, etc.

C. For having more experience on the organization of social welfare development, we try to catch up the internationalized trend, encouraging much more international exchange, and irregularly inviting domestic and overseas professionals to give lectures and discuss face-to-face with students. Besides, we also encourage graduates to attend the international academic conferences, participate in plans of international academic exchange, take courses or undergo short term research, and what’s more, broaden a wider international horizon.


A. Nurturing professionals on social policy and social work academic research

B. Nurturing professionals on social policy organization and evaluation, social welfare administration and social work practice.

C. Reinforcing the international bilateral academic collaboration and exchange; enhancing Taiwan’s international academic status on social policy and social work field.


While other colleges and institutions in Taiwan either focuses on “Social Policy” or “Social Work”, our department focus on three fields. We see social policy, social work management and social work practice as equally important. To cultivate academic and practical experts in previous three fields and to broaden our students’ view and career, we are expected to strengthen international academic exchange and cooperation.


The professional courses of our department includes courses related to general social science, theory, research method and statistics, and courses related to both managerial and practical programmes. These courses can be divided into three sub-fields, including:

1. Social Policy Course: Social Policy Analysis, Social Policy and Legislation, Comparative Social Policy, Social Security System around the world, Social Insurance, Social Aids, Poverty Research, Gender and Social Policy, and etc.

2. Social Work Management Courses: NGO Management, Social Service Performance Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Project Evaluation, and etc.

3.Social Work Courses: Individual, group and community social work, social work related to fields such as medical, spiritual, family, school, children, women, seniors, disables, indigenous people, social work supervision, social work and law, domestic violence and protection, mental health, domestic therapy, and etc.

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