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Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


As Mandarin Chinese knowledge grows in demand there is a requirement for more individuals with the knowledge and skill of the language and to teach the language to others in the world.  Our department can accommodate that requirement and more for the students interested in this field.

Mandarin Chinese has been taken as an international language. An M.A. in Chinese as Second Language (CASL) allows you to teach Mandarin Chinese all over the world. Our curriculum offers you a professional knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, helps you develop bilingual teaching and communication skills, and familarizes you with the methodology of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. You will learn a combination of practical skills in the disciples of Chinese, Englsih, and education.

Bilingual Lectures: In TCSL the classes are conducted in both Mandarin and English by a team of full-time faculty with education and training abroad. Teaching that is conducted on more small, personal classes with little distractions keeping interaction with fellow students. We have a conducive learning environment as well as sophisticated teaching facilities and student facilities to maximize learning experience, tutoring foreign students is also a part of the education giving students to meet others from different parts of the world.Reading of Original Theoretical scholarship: Thanks to faculty's bilingual nature, reading materials from theory courses such as Chinese linguistics, and Bilingual Teaching and Linguistics, are assigned directly to original scholarship instead of translated texts to avoid possible misunderstanding or translation when conducting independent research or pursuing futhre studies overseas.




Seed Teacher Program: a students; Seed Teacher Program has been set up. After being admitted, students will receive training to act as Mandrarin Chinese tutors for foreign students. Students will be able to learn and practice teaching Chinese during the entire school period. Scholarships will be awarded to students participating in the tutor program.

Scenarios Practice: An international country club at Sun Moon Lake and an international lounge on the campus have been established to provide facilities for students of TCSL and foreign students to communicate in multicultural situations.

Practial Traning: The Institute organizes various Mandarin Chinese programs targeted at foreigners such as biginner's Mandarin course, program of second major in Teaching Chinese for Overseas Chinese Students. These programs offer students opportunities of practical teaching by taking paid positions as teaching assistants or lanuage teachers in these programs.


Practicum and Intership

Scholarship and financial aid are available for local and international student’s base on their academic performance.  Students who completed the master studies and intended to pursue PhD programs which may involve Linguistics, Literature, or Communication with the knowledge attained from the classes.  Local and international students can continue this education locally or abroad based on their decisions.

There is also an internship program available for students while studying the Ministry of Education has established the Seed Teacher Program for a student to provide tutoring for foreign students who need to equip themselves with minimal Mandarin Chinese language skills. Internship placement is also available locally and abroad for students to who are interested in working at a school as a language teacher.Practicum/intership can be completed in an educational institute either in Taiwan or in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, and China, etc.

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