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Degree Students


Degree Student

Years of Study

Bachelor program: Usually in a period of 4 years.

Master program: Within 1-4 years.

Ph.D. program: Within 2-7 years.


For Bachelor's degree: High School Diploma

For Master's degree: College/University diploma

For Doctoral degree: Master's diploma

Foreign Students

Foreign Students shall mean students of foreign nationality, neither overseas Chinese nor ROC nationals. Those who have had ROC nationality formerly may not apply for admission based on these regulations until a period of eight years has passed after their ROC nationality has been revoked by the Ministry of the Interior. This period of eight years shall be determined until the date on which the semester begins at the school being applied for.

Registration and Course Taking

The registration would not be complete until students have paid for fees and taken courses. (NCNU remains the authority to quit students if they have not finished the course taking or fee payment) . Students may go to Fist Bank agent around Taiwan to print out the payment sheet then finish the payment. As for the course taking, students must log in to the system of teaching affair to take courses.

Students may postpone graduation for 1-2 years. Some students may postpone graduation for practical training within half to 2 years to meet the departments’ requirement.

Double Major and Minor

Students can apply for double major and minor since sophomore. There is limit of one department for double major while the limit for minor is two departments. With filling in the application and grade sheet attached, the Section of Registry would take the application after the permission from department heads . (For double major students, they can apply for two graduation certifications while the minor students can only get one with note in the graduation certification). Students can apply for transferring since the second year in NCNU. Transfer to the same academic year to another department or descend one academic year to another department. There is only one time limit for transferring, after the confirm and announcement of transferring list you may not change or withdraw the application. (Remind for student who are willing to transfer should keep up with other classmates in current department or the failure of current courses would fail the application of transferring.)


Administrative procedures for foreign student applications shall be handled by the Foreign Student Enrollment Committee, which shall consist of the Dean of Academic Affairs, who will serve as a convenor, deans of the relevant colleges, and heads of the relevant departments. The Committee shall also appoint an executive secretary and acting secretary. These shall be recommended by the Dean of Academic Affairs from members of the Division of Academic Affairs for appointment by the President.

Suspension and Resumption

Student can apply for suspension before the final examination with parental agreement attached. For students who suspend he learning should apply for resumption to the Section of Registry before limited date.

For more information about the admission requirements, application procedures, please visit Admission Center, Office of Academic Affairs.

Contact Information

For other inquiries about NCNU International Degree Student Admission, please contact us at


TEL: +886-49-2918305, Admission Section, Office of International Affairs, National Chi Nan University.

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