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Visiting Students


NCNU Visiting Student Program is a fee-paying program in which students register as non-degree-seeking but full-time students at NCNU. NCNU Incoming Visiting Student Program runs to accommodate international students who wish to study at NCNU. The program also serves as an additional avenue to study at NCNU when the exchange program is not available.


International students: holding a full-time enrollment status at universities are eligible for applying for this program. Student status at home university should stay valid throughout the period of study at NCNU. Research-focused graduate applicants contact an NCNU faculty member who is willing to act as their instructor/faculty advisor before submitting applications.


The maximum study period is one academic year. The first semester of each academic year starts in mid-September and ends in late January. The second semester starts in mid-February and ends in late June. Graduate applicants who wish to only conduct research and do not plan on taking academic courses may apply outside the semester time frame.

Course Selection Options

Visiting students may select courses across departments after obtaining the lecturer’s consent. Please note that some courses may have limited availability, and some departments have additional restrictions.


For all applicants: Program administration fee: NT 10000. The Program administration fee is a non-refundable, one-off payment which should be made upon registration. Visiting students studying for two semesters will not have to pay the program fee again when enrolling for the second semester.


Visiting students should prepare USD 7,000 per semester for necessary fees and living expenses. You must provide financial documents verifying that you have funds available that meet or exceed the estimated expenses listed below. Acceptable financial documentation can include official bank statements of the applicant or the parents. If you are on a scholarship, please provide relevant documents. For the estimated expenses, please refer to the breakdown below. Please also note that the fees for Chinese language courses are excluded from this list.


  • Accommodation: NCNU visiting students will be accommodated in on-campus housing at Dormitory.
  • Airport pickup service: group airport pickup services are available to all incoming visiting students. They will be offered on specified dates.


Before you enter Taiwan, you should apply for a Resident or Visitor Visa from the Taiwanese Embassy or Mission in your residence country. Please refer to the following page for information.

Supporting Documents

1. Passport-sized photograph in digital format

2. Motivation Letter/ Statement of Purpose

3. Official Transcripts of Academic Records

4. A Copy of Passport

5. Health Exam Form

6. Medical and Accident Insurance Proof (a minimum of NT$ 1,000,000)

7. Financial Statement verifying that you have funds available that meet or exceed the estimated expenses of US$6,500 (NT$195,000).

8. Two Letters of Recommendation


Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Address: #1 University Road, Puli, Nantao, Taiwan


Tel: +886-49-2912360

Office hours: Mon to Fri, 9am-noon, 1pm-5pm (GMT+8)

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