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International Visitors


National Chi Nan University endeavors to create supportive frameworks for sustainable global partnerships promoting diversified opportunities and excellence in experiential education. We welcome and coordinate the visits of high-level international visitors and delegations, including senior administration or academic officials representing foreign higher education institutions, government agencies or non-governmental organizations, student organizations or group from abroad. The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Liaison Section will tailor your visiting agenda according to your objective of visit.

NCNU campus is situated in Puli towards art avenue of Sun Moon Lake. Chinese architecture, vast grassland and nature infuse in ShuiShaLian. NCNU obtains great natural landscape: HeHuan Mountains is visible in the day, starry host are visible at night. WuShe, AOWANDA National Forest Recreation Area, Sun Moon Lake, XinZhongHeng, HeHuan Mt., Hui Sun Forest Field are all nearby. The beautiful campus cultivates students with broader perspective and mindset. NCNU also designed a series of feature sports with the advantage of abundant natural resources: horseback riding, archery, gulf, softball, swimming and ballroom dance.

Visitors with specific and/or single scholarly or academic interest should contact the relevant NCNU academic units directly. Visitors who only wish to conduct campus tours should contact OICSA. All requests will be carefully considered but instances do occur when we are not able to accommodate your visit. NCNU reserves the right to decline requests and not all visits will be accepted.

To help us tailor your visit accordingly, please send us your visit request at least 20 working days before the date of the prospective visit. The earlier you confirm your visit with us, the better we may craft your visit. Please email us a visit request including:

  • the objective(s) of your visit
  • list of delegation members and
  • their CVs or short biographies
  • the proposed date(s) of the visit


Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Address: #1 University Road, Puli, Nantao, Taiwan


Tel: +886-49-2912360

Office hours: Mon to Fri, 9am-noon, 1pm-5pm (GMT+8)


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