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By the Numbers



Adjunct teachers 247

Area/hectares 150

Average starting salary of its graduates NT$30,000

Employment rate of its new graduates 7th Nationwide

Faculty's contributions to international academic publications and scientific research 9th Nationwide

Full-time teachers & researchers 276

Library paper book holdings 470,000

Male-female student ratio 49:51

Number of International students 639

Published SCI articles 254 (2015-2017)

Published SSCI articles 82 (2015-2017)

Published TSSCI articles 66 (2015-2017)

Student-faculty ratio 19:1

School fund NT$1.2-1.3 billion

Sister universities 102

Staff 216

Students 6,200

Students passing civil service exams or certified every year 206 (2015-2017)

Years in education 25



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