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Albert K. Ting named honorary alumnus of NCNU


National Chi Nan University President Su Yuhlong made Albert K. Ting (丁廣欽), chairman of CX Technology Corporation (錩新科技), an honorary alumnus on May 7 in recognition of his contribution and service to NCNU students.


Ting is the constructor of a well-known urban development project in Vietnam that Ting’s father Lawrence Ting spearheaded as head of the Central Trading and Development Group (CT&D Group). The development project, formerly known as the Gateway, comprises high-rise buildings along the 10-lane Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard. It is recognized as the largest of its kind in southern Vietnam.


CT&D Group has been rendering great support to NCNU, both in academic research and student internships. This partnership has seen 74 NCNU students enroll in internships offered by the world-renowned business group, in which their training included lectures delivered by top-ranking managerial officials.


The vast opportunities from working with Vietnam were identified by NCNU over 20 years ago. NCNU and 4 higher-level educational institutions in Vietnam now offer joint dual degrees, all in the fields of science and technology, and the number of participating schools and the scope of exchanges, currently in the field of businesses management, are expected to increase. Frequent exchanges are also seen between universities from both nations since the introduction of Taiwan’s flagship New Southbound Policy.


Ting is a graduate of Harvard University and MIT Sloan School of Management, and a former vice executive of Morgan Stanley, where he worked for its investment banking division in London, Hong Kong, and New York. Ting is currently serving as a government representative on First Financial Holding Company’s board of directors while also holding the positions of chairman of CX Technology Corporation, chairman of Freshfields Resort Hotel, and co-director of the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Foundation.


Deliberated upon by the NCNU Alumni Association and an ad hoc committee, the “National Chi Nan University Honorary Alumni” program bestows the title to a limited number of persons who have served the university. This honor recognizes contributions that are critical to the success of the school.

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