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Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center



The Center for Environmental Protection and Occupational Health of National Chi Nan University was established on Dec. 26, 2001 as a department-level unit responsible for promoting the health of the campus environment and its employees.


The Center is committed to maintaining the sustainable operations of the university campus while ensuring the occupational safety and health of its employees. NCNU is built upon the core values of sustainability, environmental consciousness, comfort, and safety as a certified green university.

Mission Statement

The Center is entrusted with the mission of researching and drafting environmental and safety laws pertaining to the health of the campus and its employees. Administrative duties include following up on the university's implementation of related regulations set forth by the government.

Key Initiatives

Upon the twin pillars of formulating and implementing the green development of this campus, the Center follows the blueprint outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the university.

From embarking on international exchanges to promoting domestic awareness and servicing local communities, the Center combines research and lifestyle advocacy with administrative control to effectively lower emissions and energy consumption and instill the values of sustainability and service. The Center hopes to foster a true sense of comradery among students and staff that will unite neighboring schools, adjacent communities, and regional governments.

The Center aims to help the NCNU campus prioritize:

1. Environmental friendliness

2. Circular economy

3. Environmentally education

4. Safety and comfortability

5. Regional sustainability

6. International partnerships