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Under the support of Ministry of Education, ASUS and Institute for Information Industry, NCNU students of Department of Southeast Asian Studies partnered with R.O.L.E. Foundation to provide local women in Bali, Indonesia with alternative skills education.

0:01 In Bali, a resort island, many women are under educated and have low socioeconomic status.

0:08 In view of this, BaliWise, a local organization, provides non-formal education in hopes of changing this situation.

0:17 With the support of ASUS Foundation and the Institute for Information Industry, the Department of Southeast Asian Studies of NCNU had the opportunity to join the ranks of BaliWise.

0:24 A local family in Bali may have several children, so parents usually only have boys attend schools, which means that girls may not be able to finish college.

0:34 We hope that by taking our information education courses and Chinese courses, they will have more competitiveness in the workplace.

0:50 Chop up the ingredients and shape them into balls.

0:55 I have a dream. My dream is to buy a house for my mother, because up to now I do not have my own house.

1:04 And I dream of becoming a successful woman, because I want my family to be proud of me.

1:11 I’m Mary Sunianli, from Bali. You can call me Marty. I study English and Chinese at BaliWise.

1:19 I have a dream which is that I can build a nursing home for the elderly, especially for those abandoned by their families.

1:49 I'm going to work in the kitchen of a hotel because I'm going to let my younger brother continue his studies until he succeeds.

2:02 Hey, girls, Is everything okay? Is everything okay? Would it be difficult? Is it difficult? A bit difficult? Making slides? Okay.

2:15 It's just that the process of joining BaliWise was not without any incident.

2:20 The organization asked us to change our schedule in the first three days, hoping that we could offer more courses on information education.

2:26 With so many changes, I don't think we have forgotten the original intention of students to learn using computers.

2:32 I’ve been thinking about what they’ve learned in class and what we’ve wanted to bring to them.

2:42 You can press the key at the bottom left of the keyboard.

3:01 BaliWise students are all from economically disadvantaged families. The organization hoped that we could support some students' living expenses.

3:10 We held a charity bazaar at the school, in hopes of making some contributions to the drive.

3:15 The charity event was divided into three parts.

3:16 The first one was postcards made from the photos we took; the second one was that we went to the market and bought some stuff from the vendors, and listened to their stories; and the third one was the handmade soap made at BaliWise, which we turned into merchandise at the bazaar.

3:36 One, two, three.

3:50 Besides the episodes brought about by the organization’s needs, we once neglected to establish a close, trust relationship with the organization.

4:01 We kept a detached and utilitarian attitude towards the organization at the beginning. As a result, we did not really build interpersonal connections, so we immediately improved our attitude.

4:16 I'm cutting the soap.

4:23 BaliWise attaches great importance to environmental protection, but we bought bottled water every day instead of using eco-friendly cups, which lacked cultural sensitivity and also affected our service attitude.

4:39 When I came here, I thought I was just doing a job. When I finished and got off work, I had nothing to do with it, but later I gradually realized that this was not the case.

4:54 So, I've been trying to fit in more. For example, we went to Tirta Empul Temple like local residents for a traditional "baptism" (bathing) ritual.

5:03 I think the way to blend in is simply to follow the locals to do what they do.

5:16 Where?

5:17 Where?

5:20 Yes.

5:21 I come from Bali.

5:25 (learning the four tones in Mandarin Chinese)

5:33 (restaurant service practice)

5:42 We look forward to seeing you again next year, the year after that, and the year after that.

5:46 We also hope that these girls would receive better education and have better futures, and the support you have given them will be very helpful to them in the future.

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