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The National Chi Nan University hosted a seminar on local revitalization that was co-organized by two Japanese universities — National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and Niigata University — on Sept. 30. Japan and Taiwan have both placed increasing emphasis on regional revitalization issues in recent years, and the three universities have decided to share ideas and discuss the current development on related policies in their countries.

NCNU Academic Vice President Chiang Ta-shu opened the seminar by sharing his hopes for bilateral Taiwan-Japan cooperation in bringing forth integrated practices to better enrich the scope of diversity and implementation. Four discussants — Dr. Hirofumi Takada, Dr. Kunihisa Shishido, Dr. Gu-fan Chen, and Dr. Kai-ling Liang — then introduced their research topics regarding “Prospects of the second phase of local revitalization,” “Implementation of building local features: Case studies from Niigata prefecture,” “Implementation of environmental sustainability in Shui Sha Lien Using Science and Technology” and “The placemaking plan in Puli Township, Taiwan.”

NCNU Vice President Sun Tung-wen, who facilitated the Q&A session, stated that: “Japanese studies focus on how local governments organize and plan for revitalization. Compared with NCNU’s practices that incorporate university social responsibility to assist with local revitalization, the two are significantly different approaches. It is a valuable opportunity to learn from the experiences and ideas of three universities.”

GRIPS and NCNU share a longstanding friendship bolstered by substantial exchanges and steady communications. The Sept. 30 seminar hopes to stimulate more diverse and innovative practices with regards to local revitalization, and enrich the internationalization of academic collaboration. The participants concluded the event with a promise to promote more exchanges among universities, local governments, and public agencies, and work with talented entrepreneurs in this field.


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