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Representatives from Shinshu University (SU) in Japan visited Taiwan's Nantou County to share experiences in post-disaster reconstruction at NCNU's Regional Revitalization and Trans-Boundary Governance Joint Office on Nov. 29.

At the forum hosted by NCNU Executive Vice President Milan Tung-wen Sun, SU Vice President Nakamura Soichi introduced SU's social practices and regional revitalization plans. He was followed by Professor Hayashi Yasuhito of the SU General Local Strategy Development Center, who gave a briefing on his university’s tactics in disaster management, including deterring floods at Chikuma River basin by building extra drainage areas in rural land nearby SU.

Having shared a similar path, NCNU devoted years to collaborating with local communities, where aging populations as well as outflow of youths have led to a shortage of labor. Local agricultural production, especially, languished after Taiwan was struck by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake in 1999. 

The post-disaster reconstruction issues that followed ranged from pressing need for senior foster care to demand for sustainable water management, an agricultural sector in need of transformation, lack of eco-tourism knowledge, and disadvantaged groups missing access to educational programs.

After exchanging briefings on university social responsibility (USR) projects and other programs that enhance the quality of life for local residents, the two universities forged a consensus to expand collaborative networks and joint efforts in advancing public welfare, beginning with mutual visits and cooperative workshops in 2020.

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