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NCNU spearheads new Shui Sha Lian development plan

Upon invitation from National Chi Nan University (NCNU) President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su, delegates representing Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, the Puli Association for Tourism, and the four Nantou townships of Puli, Yuchi, Guoxing, and Ren’ai gathered on Sept. 9 to convene the Shui Sha Lian Regional Development Committee.

Carrying forth with objectives stated on Sept. 5 during a joint press conference held by the four townships, committee members including mayors and teachers from all four NCNU colleges worked together to plan for the region’s sustained prosperity and identify more opportunities for academic collaboration in local governance.

For example, with guidance and advice from NCNU’s Shui Sha Lian Research Center for Humanities Innovation and Social Practice, all four Nantou townships have successfully applied for regional revitalization grants from the National Development Council (NDC). Three townships have already received their funds, with the request submitted by Ren’ai pending for NDC’s next review session. 

Committee members then shared new proposals that will not only improve the Shui Sha Lian center’s infrastructure and equipment, but also its services, including a stronger emphasis on retaining talent, supporting local businesses, and facilitating the exchange of experience and knowledge among the townships. The center will also be responsible for tallying resources, concerting joint programs, and setting benchmarks to measure progress.

The Tourism Bureau’s Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration is currently unfurling a new policy partnering with destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to promote Taiwan’s arguably most-famous lake as well. To help the four townships that border the lake and make up the Shui Sha Lian region, the center will also design new courses for training DMO-specific talent and develop tourism programs imbued with local characteristics and flavors.

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