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NCNU captures two prizes at Taiwan’s corporate sustainability awards


The 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) were hosted on Nov. 18 by the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability, bringing together the pioneers and strategists of Taiwan’s environmental and social activism to Grand Hotel Taipei in a celebration of this year’s sustainability milestones.

The 2020 edition of the awards received submissions from 252 corporate contenders, representing a heartening 28% increase in annual participation. Specifically, 29 universities and 14 hospitals applied this year, representing a triple participatory increase for both education and healthcare providers, and bringing the historic tally of academic and medical applicants to 364. A sizeable 668-strong jury panel comprising 486 volunteers and 182 renowned scholars helped oversee the balanced and just review process.

National Chi Nan University shone in this year’s university social responsibility category, winning gold for “Growing a Greener Shui Sha Lian: Smart Tech x Low Pollution x Circular Economy” and silver for “Coffee as a Career: A Sustainable Industry for Shui Sha Lian” at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. These two ongoing projects validate NCNU’s approach to community empowerment and underscore the university’s role as a regional think tank.

Recent accolades received by NCNU also include an award for serving as an exemplary model of academic-industry partnership in Global Views Monthly Magazine’s “Outstanding University Social Responsibility Projects” 2020 rankings, and the honor of being named second in CommonWealth Magazine’s USR rankings for public universities that have a campus population of 6,000 members. Moreover, NCNU has been ranked as the world’s 63rd best university for “Responsible Consumption and Production” in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Impact Rankings this year.

The convergence of similar sets of strengths verified independently by the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability, Global Views, CommonWealth Magazine, and Times Higher Education show that NCNU's ceaseless pursuits in campus governance, social participation, responsible education, and environmental sustainability are bearing fruit. Rooted in local, sustainable progress, NCNU sets sight on working with the world in bringing forth positive change for all.

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