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Optics expert Dr. Wuu takes the helm as 8th university president


National Chi Nan University held the inaugural reception of its 8th President Dong-sing Wuu (武東星) on Feb. 1, 2021. Quoting French philosopher and moralist Jean de La Bruyère, on how “the most exquisite pleasure is giving pleasure to others,” Dr. Wuu explained that the value and worth of NCNU is dependent on its ability to assist others. Personal growth through helping those around us, he said at his inaugural reception, is the key to happiness. He promised to work towards elevating the happiness levels of fellow NCNU members and designing “a university of happiness, a university that brings happiness.”

The inaugural reception was preceded by an appointment ceremony led by Minister of Education Pan Wen-chung (潘文忠), who paid tribute to the years of hard work carried out by the 7th President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su (蘇玉龍) and voiced his deep confidence in the capabilities of incoming 8th President Dr. Wuu. Steered by the four tenets of consolidation, localization, industrialization, and internationalization, the new president hopes to devote his next four years to bolstering the modernity and happiness of both NCNU and its surrounding communities and industries. Only then, said Dr. Wuu, will his vision of “a refined and inimitable academic institution of global caliber” come to fruition.

Dr. Wuu concluded his remarks by illustrating how “Happiness x NCNU” stands for promoting the wellbeing of all NCNU members, students and staff included, and that of all connecting communities. This wave of achieving fulfillment through servicing others can then ripple outward throughout Nantou County, central Taiwan, nationwide, and eventually make international impact. For the real spirit of “Happiness x NCNU” is to be recognized as a university that promotes the common good.

Dr. Wuu is a former tenured professor with National Chung Hsing University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering and a Ph.D. holder in electrical engineering from National Sun Yat-Sen University.

Dr. Wuu is also a fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), an alliance comprising optical engineers from 166 nations, and during his six years as president of Da-Yeh University, garnered acclaim for his leadership and motivational motto of “promoting the abilities to learn, apply, contribute, and take responsibility” and captured an Excellent Teacher Award in 2015 from the Ministry of Education.

A total of 6,016 students enrolled at NCNU for the 2020 academic school year. As the only Nantou-based national university, NCNU is also affectionately known as the “Shui Sha Lian University” after Nantou’s ecological heartland, and “Sun-Moon Lake University” after Taiwan’s arguably most-famous lake.

Launched in 1995, this young university at the age of 26 has always been in pursuit of excellence, coming in 34th among Taiwanese universities — and 21st among Taiwanese public universities — on the 2021 World University Rankings compiled by Times Higher Education.

NCNU was also ranked 41st in the world — and 9th in Asia — in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2020. These two rankings were also the highest among national comprehensive universities in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years. Employment rates among recent graduates have also achieved new heights.

Dr. Wuu’s inaugural reception drew guests from close and far, including former NCNU President Chang Jin-fu (張進福, also known as JF Chang), former Vice Education Minister Pi-twan Huang (黃碧端), National Taichung University of Education President Dr. Ru-jer Wang (王如哲), and National Formosa University President Jywe Wen-yuh (覺文郁). Delegates from partner schools and regional representatives such as National Changhua Girls’ Senior High School Principal Chen Hsiang-yun (陳香妘), National Experimental High School at Central Taiwan Science Park Principal Lin Kun-tsan (林坤燦), Nantou County Councilors Chen I-chun (陳宜君) and Yeh Jen-chuang (葉仁創), and Puli Mayor Liao Chih-cheng (廖志誠) were also in attendance.

In congratulating Dr. Wuu through his dedication speech, former NCNU President Chang explained that he had given his heart to NCNU upon their first meeting decades ago, and that he is now entrusting the beautiful and young university to Dr. Wuu’s care.

Fellow former NCNU President Dr. Yuhlong Oliver Su added that he respects the work carried out by Wuu during his terms as 6th and 7th President of Da-Yeh University, and that he believes Wuu would become a worthy successor dedicated to mobilizing the campus community to strive for another 25 years of fulfillment and progress.

Former Vice Education Minister Huang compared the fair weather on the day of the inaugural reception to auspicious tidings for Dr. Wuu’s university governance ahead, and commented on the good fortune of enrolled students to be led by visionary shepherds such as Dr. Su and Wuu.

Evoking the mythology of “Su Wu Tending Sheep (蘇武牧羊),” Huang lauded their common determination to stand by their values and revealed that she, as a member of the university’s presidential selection committee, witnessed how Dr. Wuu was recognized as the best candidate during the very first round of votes.

Industry partners included Liang-shean Tang Social Welfare Foundation founder Chen Chou (陳綢), Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape Association Chair Chang Shih-liang (張世良), Wafer Works Corp. Chair Chiao Ping-hai (焦平海), Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association Chair Kenneth Tai (邰中和), Industrial Technology Research Institute Chief Operating Officer Chu Mu-tao (朱慕道), and former K-12 Education Administration Deputy Director-General Huang Hsin-fa (黃新發). By streaming the inaugural reception online, NCNU was able to share the joyful occasion with overseas viewers, including those from the university’s sister schools in Vietnam and Myanmar.

Two special guests included Dr. Wuu’s teacher Tsai Chao-ching (蔡肇慶) from National Hsinchu Senior High School, and Senior Vice President Tsay Shiow-fon (蔡秀芬) representing President Cheng Ying-yao (鄭英耀) of National Sun Yat-sen University, his other alma mater. Huang Jong-tsun (黃榮村), president of the Examination Yuan, also sent a flower wreath to congratulate Dr. Wuu on his new appointment.  The inaugural reception was held in accordance with pandemic regulations stipulated by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), taking such measures as monitoring body temperatures, requiring mask usage, sanitizing hands at entrance, and implementing a real-name contact-tracing system. The venue was also spacious and well-ventilated to safeguard the health of all esteemed guests.



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