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NCNU highlights its academic merits for potential applicants

Taiwan’s universities have seen a 30 percent increase in applications from overseas Chinese compatriots, which translates to nearly 7,000 new applicants in comparison with the same period last year, according to statistics released by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students (UECOCS), the affairs of which are presided over by National Chi Nan University.

Wuu Dong-sing (武東星), president of NCNU, says that the key factor in the enhanced interest is Taiwan’s success in handling the pandemic. UECOCS statistics show that students from Hong Kong account for the biggest share of the applicants at 3,774 via individual applications; that tallies to 1,000 more students than the previous year and points to a welcoming trend that Taiwan’s higher education networks should take heed of and adapt in response.

With the upcoming deadline of individual applications to College Entrance Examination Center on March 24 for domestic students, Dr. Wuu is driving the open call’s last recruitment campaign in hope of welcoming students from Taiwan and beyond.

To help both of the domestic and foreign students formulate their choices, Wuu highlights some of NCNU’s lesser-known strengths: 60% of graduates from the Department of Social Policy and Social Work are certified social workers, a significantly higher rate than the average 19.51% nationwide.

Moreover, 90% of postgraduate students from NCNU’s Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Resource Development acquire a Certificate in Counselling Psychology.

Wuu shares two other examples: 60% of those who graduate from the Department of Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality Management attain two tourism-industry-related certificates, while 80% of students attending training programs provided by the Center for Teacher Education go on to acquire teacher certificates.

According to NCNU’s IR office, 30% of graduates in 2019 entered postgraduate studies in Taiwan. Those who land or are looking for jobs account for 41%, while 13% are preparing for exams.

Students studying abroad account for 2%, and many of them are admitted to renowned universities such as Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Purdue, and SOAS University of London. Wuu says this results from NCNU’s well-crafted student exchange programs that facilitates nearly 300 students engaging in academic, internship, volunteering, and conference activities with 121 higher education institutions across the globe on an annual basis.

In terms of measuring up against other national universities in Taiwan, NCNU is rated 15th in this category under THE World University Rankings, 18th in THE Emerging Economies University Rankings, and 18th in QS World University Rankings for the Asia region. “NCNU is gradually fulfilling its role as a great gateway to the globe,” Wuu says.

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