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NCNU periodical wins again at Taiwan's academic impact awards


"Social Policy & Social Work" – a research periodical jointly published by National Chi Nan University and the Taiwanese Association of Social Policy – has captured the Knowledge Communication Award in the sociology field for two years running at the National Central Library's 2021 Taiwan Academic Impact Awards for theses and dissertations (TDs).

Tasked by the Ministry of Education's Department of Higher Education to oversee the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD-Taiwan), the National Central Library is dedicated to preserving academic resources, and in its process of compilation has also been garnering data on the delegation and distribution of academic assets across Taiwan. By extensively reviewing student theses, periodicals, and academic books released in recent years, NCL is able to extrapolate the most commonly discussed topics and trending areas of interest.

Moreover, the library also issues Best Communication Awards for TDs distribution based on full text authorization data, Best Open Access Awards based on the number of downloads, Best Academic Contribution Awards for best TDs resources, Knowledge Impact Awards for influential periodicals, Knowledge Communication Awards for timely coverage, and for the most popular periodical review, the Best Communication in a Periodical Award.

NCNU established its Department of Social Policy and Social Work in 1995, and in the following year, launched the ROC Association of Social Policy (ROCASP) in conjunction with professor Chan Hou-sheng (詹火生) and a wide network of social workers and policy experts. The association, which has since been renamed the Taiwanese Association of Social Policy (TASP), published its first issue of "Social Policy & Social Work" in June 1997, and it now ranks consistently high on the Ministry of Education's Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) as a highly sought-after periodical for submissions.

NCNU President Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) explains that the university's social work department is one of the few Taiwanese institutions that offer a complete academic pathway for social work, from undergraduate to graduate and doctoral programs that are all staffed with ample instructors and resources. By publishing quality research by Taiwanese academia and providing a community for related discussions and exchanges, NCNU hopes to continue leading as a provider of new research and welfare policy analysis that will benefit society as a whole.

"Social Policy & Social Work" is the brainchild of Ku Yeun-wen (古允文), a professor at National Taiwan University's Department of Social Work, and Huang Yuan-xie (黃源協), a social work instructor with NCNU. Their joint work has now been recognized by both the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the National Central Library, while proving that NCNU's Department of Social Policy and Social Work has been an invaluable academic contributor to Taiwan's governance and social welfare.


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