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NCNU exhibition spotlights Nantou's wood-fired pottery


【Please note that the library is closed until further notice due to coronavirus concerns.】

The National Chi Nan University Library is delighted to host a special exhibition on one of the iconic masters of a local specialty craft — Nantou's wood-fired pottery. Ceramic Arts Association of Nantou
Chair Wuu Chia-zhi is celebrating his 40th year as an artist by showcasing 40 of his large-scale, hand-sculpted art pieces on campus through June 6.

A tea party was held on May 5 to introduce the exhibition to the public, with over 200 artists, instructors, students, and other members of the Nantou community in attendance. Wuu explained that hand-thrown pottery is a traditional vessel-making craft that specializes in producing large wares, which are harder to make than their smaller counterparts and require years of finesse with a potter's wheel.

President Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu added that the artist's embracement of sustainability in both his art and on the environmental front stands testament to his creative drive and love for Taiwan. It is an honor for NCNU to work with Wuu and help promote the artisanal crafts nurtured by this very region.

In creating a visual identity for the 40-piece collection, Wuu's ceramic sculpture titled "Sunrise ()" was chosen as the feature image for the exhibition poster, its dignified bronze hue and lattice design elevating practical houseware to functional art. Using traditional Nantou-style techniques, Wuu has created elegant vessels and lighting installations fit for any mansion.

Nantou's wood-fired pottery traditions began around 225 years ago, setting off a rippling effect throughout Taiwan's ceramic development since. Entering his fourth decade this year, Wuu was taught by his dad and shadowed him in the studio as a child. He is now renowned as a sculptural artist in the field of ceramics — one who witnessed the rise and fall of different mass-produced materials, and has since dedicated his life to the revival of Nantou-style pottery.

Nantou's ceramic heritage is an important well of cultural creativity and tourism resources, and NCNU is delighted to host such events that bolster the artistic vitality of Nantou. Visit the university library before June 6 for Wuu's 40th anniversary exhibition.



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