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NCNU recruits 75 disadvantaged students through MOE program


To help disadvantaged students join the public education system, 11 Taiwanese universities including National Chi Nan University (NCNU) have signed up for the Ministry of Education's (MOE) newly launched "Visionary" recruitment program, which encompasses 410 slots in 97 departments and research fields. The application process offers two options, respectively based on individual merits and talents, with the latter placing more emphasis on circumstantial details such as minority status or experimental education. Of the 234 students enrolled through this program, 75 signed up for NCNU.

Moreover, the nationwide participation average for the MOE program is at 57%, while NCNU is averaging 98% for the first application option, and 89% for the second application option. NCNU's nationwide participation rate of 94% translates into an additional 75 students from disadvantaged backgrounds joining the public educational system.

NCNU President Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) explains that public universities should do more within their powers to help disadvantaged students avoid shouldering the extra tuition and lodging fees for seeking higher education far outside their home city or county. In embracing a university's social responsibilities, NCNU answered President Tsai Ing-wen's (蔡英文) new education policies by offering 80 slots through the MOE program — the most out of all 11 public universities that participated this year.

With 37 students recruited through the first option, and 43 through the second option, NCNU is welcoming minority or circumstantially disadvantaged students from neighboring cities and counties, encompassing low-income to financially distressed families, and those who come from single-parent households or raised by grandparents. The 75 students represent 94% of NCNU's maximum quota of 80; moreover, many candidates are also eligible for additional stipends so they can supplement less of their study time for part-time work.

NCNU has accrued several new milestones over the past year, including being named 15th out of Taiwan's public universities by Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, landing in the 351-400 tier on the QS University Rankings, and becoming the first Taiwanese public university to be included in the top 4% of the world's greenest universities by capturing 41st place out of 900-plus candidates in the University of Indonesia's GreenMetric World University Rankings.

NCNU also received a university social responsibility award from the 2021 Taiwan USR Rankings compiled by Global Views Monthly last month, securing its status as a formidable think tank looking out for the economy and tourism of Nantou and Sun-Moon Lake. The winning NCNU program, "Sustainable Industries and Tourism for Nantou," was recognized as an exemplary model of university-enterprise partnership.

Citing the university's honor of being named first in CommonWealth Magazine's USR rankings for public universities in Taiwan this May, Dr. Wuu explains that the school will continue to uphold the spirit of university social responsibility and find more channels for helping disadvantaged students gain access to higher education, career-oriented technical programs, and other university resources.


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