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NCNU receives "University Social Responsibility Award" among medium-sized public comprehensive universities



In the 2021 "CommonWealth USR University Social Responsibility" survey, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) was recognized as the first-place winner among medium-sized public comprehensive universities. NCNU, along with National Taiwan University, stood out from 110 participating universities and received the honor of the "CommonWealth University Social Responsibility Award". For many years, NCNU has been committed to building a green university, creating a diverse campus, enriching the ecological environment, assisting townships in Nantou County in developing an awareness of sustainability, and providing green diagnosis and consultation for industries. NCNU is an exemplary university in central Taiwan that actively invests in social participation and leads regional prosperity with its influence.

A total of five universities, including National Taiwan University, National Chi Nan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University, and Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, received awards this year. The committee evaluated the universities from four major aspects: university governance, teaching commitment, social participation, and environmental sustainability. NCNU was awarded first place in "University Social Responsibility" among medium-sized public comprehensive universities. Professor Dong-Sing Wuu, President of NCNU, stated that NCNU has long served as the connection for social responsibility collaborations for universities in the central region, actively promoting participation in civil society affairs, and further practicing the concept of "local creation and cross-regional governance". In the future, we will continuously strive to run the school, cultivate talents, and lead the local region of Nantou County towards a vision of mutual prosperity, sustainable development, and diverse values of civil society.

NCNU has promoted teaching innovation during the past few years with the motto "Deeply rooted through regional networks in the Shui Sha Lian area with a special focus on talents and opportunities in Southeast Asia." Since 2016, the "Shui Sha Lian Regional Cooperation Promotion Committee" has been established by integrating internal and external networks. The teaching of each department focuses on putting knowledge obtained in the classroom into practice, with connecting local demand as the main strategy. Through this committee, all parties work together and pragmatically practice the concept of "local creation, cross-region governance" and jointly achieve the goal of regional prosperity.

Through this recognition, NCNU demonstrated outcomes of its work on "Sustainable Development" and "Civil Society Participation". This award is an accomplishment of a major milestone in work toward the motto "Deeply rooted through regional networks in the Shui Sha Lian area." In the future, NCNU will continue to uphold this spirit to manage schools attentively, cultivate talents, invest in university social responsibility affairs, enrich the diverse values of civil society, and lead the promotion of sustainable development in Nantou County area.


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