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Heartfelt teaching in NCNU's Indigenous Education: Two members recognized with excellent performance awards


To implement "Education Act for Indigenous Peoples," the Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages colleges and universities to establish indigenous student resource centers and appoint dedicated personnel to guide the lives and studies of indigenous students. To motivate relevant personnel to continue actively engaging in indigenous student counseling, MOE recognizes and rewards supervisors and specialists who have made outstanding contributions. Among candidates from many universities, Yun Fang Chiu (邱韻芳) was recognized with the Excellent Director Award for her work at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center. Jia Xian Lu (陸家賢), an assistant at NCNU Indigenous Student Resource Center, received an Excellent Specialist award.

Yun Fang Chiu is an associate professor of NCNU's Southeast Asian Studies department. She established a learning support and counseling system for our Indigenous students, cultivates tribal talents and promotes a deeper understanding of the indigenous ethnic groups among the public.

Chiu, a mathematics major at university, became involved in indigenous work by chance. After engaging in filming aboriginal documentaries, she subsequently devoted herself to anthropological research and the fields of aboriginal culture revival and tribal creation. Since then she has built a solid relationship with the indigenous youth.

According to Chiu, NCNU Indigenous Education Program is divided into two groups: the social work group and the tourism and cultural industry group, which take into account theory and practice, as well as tradition and modernity. The program collaborates with the Indigenous Student Resource Center to periodically hold book club events and design activities that promote communication among students. As part of the practical curriculum, members of the Alang Tongan (眉溪) tribe were invited to demonstrate planting millet and building Sediq barns (賽德克穀倉). The "Sediq Traditional Farming and Worship Rituals" course is part of the regular curriculum offered every year.

Jia Xian Lu graduated from NCNU's Department of Social Policy and Social Work and served as the former president of NCNU's Knbiyax Club, an aboriginal youth club. He is a native of the Paiwan tribe (排灣族) in the Kuabar village of Chunri Township, Pingtung County, who believes that a deep emotional connection is the source of motivation for giving services to tribal communities.

The Indigenous Student Resource Center leads students in learning about local cultures and developing adaptability skills based on the tribal experience. It also actively cooperates with other parties to organize large-scale activities to attract more students' attention so that non-indigenous students can have the opportunity to learn about indigenous culture. In recent years, the center has actively enhanced the interaction between NCNU and the tribal regions to cultivate students who want to return to their villages after graduation.




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