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Taiwan-Japan Alliance of ten universities formed to bolster regional revitalization actions


The Taiwan-Japan University Alliance, involving a total of ten universities in Taiwan and Japan, was formally established on November 16. Wen-chung Pan (潘文忠), Education Minister, and Minn-tsong Lin (林敏聰), Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, and I-Jen Chiou (邱義仁), President of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, attended the ceremony.  

The University Social Responsibility Promotion Center of the Ministry of Education and the Humanities Innovation and Social Practice Project Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly established the Preparatory Office of the Taiwan-Japan University Alliance in 2019, uniting core members from six Taiwanese universities, National Chi Nan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National Sun Yat-Sen University, National Taiwan Ocean University, and Tunghai University, and four Japanese universities, Kochi University, Chiba University, Ryukoku University, and Shinshu University. It is hoped this will transform the resources inside and outside the campuses into momentum for local linkage to promote regional revitalization.

NCNU President Dong-sing Wuu shared NCNU's experiences and achievements

Wen-chung Pan pointed out that Taiwan and Japan have encountered many similar social issues, such as low birth rate, aging, and urban-rural disparity. Through collaboration and exchange between Taiwan and Japan, universities will advance academic research and create many more possibilities for the region. It is believed that Taiwan and Japan will show greater strength resulting from the benefits of collaboration. The Taiwan-Japan University Alliance is an important milestone that connects the university and local organizations in practicing social responsibility.

I-Jen Chiou mentioned that the responsibility of universities is not only to conduct academic research, but also to create connections with society. In addition to bringing Japan and Taiwan closer together, the establishment of the Taiwan-Japan University Alliance allows students from Taiwan and Japan to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s societies. It is believed that this alliance will become the cornerstone of a long-standing relationship between Taiwan and Japan.

Yulong Su, the director of the University Social Responsibility Promotion Center of the Ministry of Education and former NCNU President, said that the Preparatory Office of the Taiwan-Japan University Alliance establishes a university exchange network, allowing the two sides to exchange resources and become the driving force to assist regional revitalization.

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