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VM-Fi Inc., a startup mentored by NCNU, amazed audiences at a Las Vegas exhibition


The U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) Innovation Awards Honoree in New York, USA. The project, "VM-Fi, Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System," mentored by NCNU's Entrepreneur Incubator, received the CES 2022 Smart City Innovation Award.

VM-Fi was recently exhibited at CES, the largest international consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas. Its excellent translation technology was unanimously highly acclaimed by the audiences.

As a result of globalization, information, tourism, and transportation are no longer limited by borders; however, people are still subject to language barriers. VM-FI, Inc., a startup tutored by NCNU, developed a translation system that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and the 5G high-speed communication technology.

VM-Fi has been recognized by the world's most technologically influential "CES 2022 Smart City Innovation Award." VM-Fi uses smart city 5G and AI to provide high-speed, real-time voice interpretation services. With VM-Fi, a speech given by one person on stage can be translated into a different language simultaneously for one hundred audience members, which removes language barriers instantly and achieves the goal of a smart city lifestyle.

CEO of VM-Fi, Inc., De-Shin Peng (彭德新), said that VM-Fi would continue to support business communications across languages and distances globally, with the vision of weaving a better future for people living in smart cities.

NCNU President, Dong-Sing Wuu, said that the AI real-time cloud translation software developed by the VM-Fi team enables the speaker's voice to be instantly translated after being picked up by the microphone and transmitted to the cloud, and the audience can hear the translated contents as long as they download the mobile application on receiving smartphones without the need for any hardware equipment.

In this year's CES startup exhibition area, "Eureka Park," the Ministry of Science and Technology set up a special display area called the "Taiwan Tech Arena" (TTA). Despite the pandemic, 55 Taiwanese startup companies participated in the exhibition physically this year. The powerful AI translation capabilities demonstrated by NCNU-tutored startup were reported by the relevant domestic and foreign media at the exhibition, such as International Business Times, Focus Taiwan, and Digital Times, which greatly increased the international visibility of Taiwan's new technological startup companies.


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