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4.Quality Education

Ministry launches plan to attract overseas students - Taipei Times

National Chi Nan University president Wuu Dong-sing (武東星) said that Taiwan is a stepping stone for many overseas Taiwanese and foreign students to study, work and live in Europe and the US. The policy of learning Mandarin for a year is appealing to students who cannot speak fluent Chinese, but the key to retaining talent is offering higher salaries so that they stay in Taiwan to work after they graduate, he said.

NCNU's Smart Food Bank platform helps optimize distribution of goods

Wen-hsueh Chen (陳文學), associate professor of the Department of Public Policy and Distribution, National Chi Nan University (NCNU), collaborated with Hao-ming Hong (洪晧銘) and Xin-mei Li (李欣玫), students of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, to address issues of donated goods in terms of unequal distribution, surplus, and a large amount of waste of donated materials by establishing a food bank. The "Just Enough to Meet Needs" goods sharing platform designed by them was selected as a candidate for the Sinyi Charity Foundation's project "Seeking 100 Mutual Support and Symbiotic Approaches during the Pandemic."

NCNU karate athlete won gold and bronze in the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

NCNU karate team shone in the karate competition of the 2021 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games on October 8–11, 2021, held at Chang Jung University. Pei-Yu Hsiao (蕭霈瑜), a senior in NCNU's Department of Public Policy and Administration, competed with athletes from 30 colleges and universities and won the gold medal in the women's solo competition (Kara), and the bronze medal in the second weight class of the sparring discipline competition (Kumite). NCNU karate team ranked fourth in the team competition.

NCNU receives NT$3.5 million seed funding for enhancing students' bilingual capability

NCNU foreign language teachers have been dedicated to improving students' foreign language skills for many years. Recently, teachers have been actively involved in the professional teachers' social networking groups, striving to reform English curriculum plans and encouraging and guiding students to use technology (for example, VR and AR applications) to aid foreign language learning. At the same time, students are encouraged to take the initiative to learn foreign languages and to increase their self-motivation for learning. In terms of the future, NCNU is ready to move forward with the promotion of bilingualism policies.

NCNU receives "University Social Responsibility Award"

NCNU was awarded first place in "University Social Responsibility" among medium-sized public comprehensive universities. President Dong-Sing Wuu stated that NCNU has long served as the connection for social responsibility collaborations for universities in the central region, actively promoting participation in civil society affairs, and further practicing the concept of "local creation and cross-regional governance". In the future, we will continuously strive to run the school, cultivate talents, and lead the local region of Nantou County towards a vision of mutual prosperity, sustainable development, and diverse values of civil society.

Shared leadership, trust levels key to school performance

While participants are awaiting the announcement, one might ponder: how can principals and teachers, as distinct sources of learning-centered leadership, exert impact and boost school performance? The paper "How principal leadership facilitates teacher learning through teacher leadership: Determining the critical path" published in “Educational Management Administration & Leadership" by Chen Wen-yan (陳文彥), an associate professor and chair of NCNU's Department of Educational Policy and Administration, examined the role of leadership in Taiwanese junior and senior high schools and the paper's findings have unveiled some key insights.

NCNU team TCG TECH combats plastics crisis with biodegradable tech

Lu Meng-shan (呂孟珊), a Ph.D. candidate with National Chi Nan University, has uncovered a way to transform sludge to proverbial gold. This discovery led to the formation of TCG TECH, an academic collective comprising Lu and fellow NCNU students Yang Chih-chi (楊智其), Chang Yu-chen (張育禎), Lu Yao-chih (呂曜志), and Hsu Hao (徐顥). Their applications of Lu's research have led to greener technology such as eco-friendly plastics, becoming shortlisted by the Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology as a potential recipient of its startup funds in the process.