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NCNU curates digital exhibition to highlight Southeast Asian research

A digital forum was held on July 16 to introduce "Cosmopolitan Webs and Dreams" — a cross-disciplinary exhibition nurtured by the research prowess of Taiwan's first university department dedicated to the field of Southeast Asian studies. The public exhibition addressing inequality and exploitation remains online through Aug. 15. The collaboration among 4 colleges, 11 departments, 19 professors, and 37 guest instructors from National Chi Nan University (NCNU) culminated in 24 workshops and 60 fringe events.

NCNU students set new record for MOST research grants

National Chi Nan University (NCNU) activated its remote learning network on June 17 in compliance with national regulations as Taiwan combats a surge in indigenously transmitted COVID-19 cases, but the research output of the university remain unaffected during this period of social distancing and studying from home. A popular Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) grants program accepted 38 undergraduate research projects submitted by NCNU this year, reflecting a 211% year-on increase while setting a new record for the 26-year-old university.

NCNU recruits 75 disadvantaged students through MOE program

To help disadvantaged students join the public education system, 11 Taiwanese universities including National Chi Nan University have signed up for the Ministry of Education's (MOE) newly launched "Visionary (願景計畫)" recruitment program, which encompasses 410 slots in 97 departments and research fields. NCNU's nationwide participation rate of 94% translates into an additional 75 students from disadvantaged backgrounds joining the public educational system.

NCNU exhibition spotlights Nantou's wood-fired pottery

The NCNU Library is delighted to host a special exhibition on one of the iconic masters of a local specialty craft — Nantou's wood-fired pottery (南投燒). Ceramic Arts Association of Nantou (南投縣陶藝學會) Chair Wuu Chia-zhi (巫嘉智) is celebrating his 40th year as an artist by showcasing 40 of his large-scale, hand-sculpted art pieces on campus through June 6. President Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) says that the artist's embracement of sustainability in both his art and on the environmental front stands testament to his creative drive and love for Taiwan.

NCNU periodical wins again at Taiwan's academic impact awards

"Social Policy & Social Work (社會政策與社會工作)" – a research periodical jointly published by National Chi Nan University and the Taiwanese Association of Social Policy (台灣社會政策學會) – has captured the Knowledge Communication Award in the sociology field for two years running at the National Central Library's 2021 Taiwan Academic Impact Awards (台灣學術資源影響力) for theses and dissertations (TDs).

NCNU greets NIAG torch procession with Gamelan-inspired anthem

The torch of the 2021 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG) arrived at National Chi Nan University (NCNU) on May 5 as part of a 1,168-kilometer marathon around the island to bring the NIAG flame and spirit to all 30 participating universities. The lively torch-bearing ceremony reflected both NCNU's athletic ambitions and the NIAG motto of "bravery, motivation, passion." After making a ceremonial lap around the spacious campus, the delegation was greeted by a beautiful remix of traditional Indonesian music in a live rendition of "KUFFY~Gamelan!" —  a brand-new anthem composed by NCNU's Gamelan ensemble and dedicated to the intercollegiate games.

NCNU's women softball team wins Taiwan university league

National Chi Nan University captured the 2021 university softball championship title on March 28, winning 7:0 against National Taiwan University of Sport at the Taichung King Long Baseball Stadium. NCNU President Dr. Dong-Sing Wuu (武東星) pointed out that, at six students, the university's female softball players make up nearly one-third of Taiwan's national softball team training for the 2022 Asian Games. With generous support from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, NCNU is also constructing the country's only sports field tailored for women's softball to train more world-class players and coaches.