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16.Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


NCNU receives "University Social Responsibility Award"

NCNU was awarded first place in "University Social Responsibility" among medium-sized public comprehensive universities. President Dong-Sing Wuu stated that NCNU has long served as the connection for social responsibility collaborations for universities in the central region, actively promoting participation in civil society affairs, and further practicing the concept of "local creation and cross-regional governance". In the future, we will continuously strive to run the school, cultivate talents, and lead the local region of Nantou County towards a vision of mutual prosperity, sustainable development, and diverse values of civil society.

Shared leadership, trust levels key to school performance

While participants are awaiting the announcement, one might ponder: how can principals and teachers, as distinct sources of learning-centered leadership, exert impact and boost school performance? The paper "How principal leadership facilitates teacher learning through teacher leadership: Determining the critical path" published in “Educational Management Administration & Leadership" by Chen Wen-yan (陳文彥), an associate professor and chair of NCNU's Department of Educational Policy and Administration, examined the role of leadership in Taiwanese junior and senior high schools and the paper's findings have unveiled some key insights.

NCNU research reveals secret to retaining Gen Z talent

"The era of rationalizing unreasonable work demands is over," claims Ouyang Pei-lin (歐陽霈霖), a hospitality studies student with National Chi Nan University (NCNU) whose research on the "anti-authoritarian streak of Gen Z jobseekers" recently captured an award from Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology. Her paper was chosen for its insights on how new graduates are information-savvy when it comes to rights and freedoms, hence naturally dispositioned against the totalitarian managerial styles that dictate the Taiwanese workplace.

NCNU student recognized by science ministry for social policy research

National Chi Nan University (NCNU) student Chuang Ming-rong (莊明蓉) received the top honor bestowed by Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for graduate research this year — the 2021 Creation Award (創作獎) — for her analysis on how to better utilize the judgement of seasoned social welfare workers in determining the reliability of insanity defense in major criminal cases.

NCNU periodical wins again at Taiwan's academic impact awards

"Social Policy & Social Work (社會政策與社會工作)" – a research periodical jointly published by National Chi Nan University and the Taiwanese Association of Social Policy (台灣社會政策學會) – has captured the Knowledge Communication Award in the sociology field for two years running at the National Central Library's 2021 Taiwan Academic Impact Awards (台灣學術資源影響力) for theses and dissertations (TDs).